Vaccination for Sec 4 and 5 students:Sec 4/5 paleas will certainly start receiving the SMS invitation from Tues, 1 Jun.Upon receiving the SMS, paleas should
Quickly book desired dates before the slots are open to other groups.Please arrangement the dates very closely. If feasible, gain the initially dose before Term 3.Avoid scheduling second dose during Oral Exams or Listening Comprehension.For even more info, go to FAQs

You watching: Sbb exam review book has actually simply announced the indicative PSLE Score arrays for secondary institutions. How execute you understand if Bowen will be the ideal college for you / your child?In Bowen, we develop our students to be:
Learners – our academic programmes stretch our students and also sell them authentic opportunities to learn beyond BowenLeaders – our programmes develop management and life abilities that will certainly help our students seize avenues and also be resilient to obstacles in lifeChampions – our ChANgeMaker programme nurtures compassion in our students and also teaches them to champion the legal rights for the less-privileged, in Singapore and beyond
Due to COVID-19, the sales of textbooks and also uniforms this year will be conducted online to manage the number of travellers to the college and to ensure crowds are maintained to the minimum. This is done to safeguard the wellness of our students and paleas.Do note that instructions for Sec 1 and also Sec 2-4/5 are slightly various. Please click the links listed below to access the correct information.

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You can downfill the 2o21 booklist from the table below.Please note that the booklist for students withSBB topics are a different collection.Do downpack the correct collection as the price for each set is different
StreamExpressRegular AcademicTypical Technical
Sec 1S1 EXP_Rv1.pdfS1 NA_Rv1.pdfS1 NT_Rv1.pdf
Sec 1 through SBBN.A.S1 NA-SBB_Rv1.pdfS1 NT-SBB_Rv1.pdf

Level / StreamExpressNormal AcademicNormal Technical
Sec 2S2 EXP.pdfS2 NA.pdfS2 NT.pdf
Sec 3S3 EXP.pdfS3 NA.pdfS3 NT.pdf
Sec 4 /5S4 EXP.pdfS4 NA.pdfS4 NT.pdf

Bowenians are to take note of the complying with Covid-19 Safety Measures put in area for all PE lessons
All students are to be in proper PE attire for all PE lessons . Wearing of Masks: All students to put on masks on their way to / after PE lessons . All students are to carry along a day fill to store: Masks Valuables Personal water bottle (filled up at the start of the lesson). No student will certainly be permitted to use the water cooler to prevent cross contamicountry due to congestion at water points) will be boosting precautionary measures in check out of the novel coronavirus case. These encompass day-to-day temperature taking and also Leave of Absence (LOA) for students and also staff through a take a trip history to China . You may refer to the following push releases.
Students are to carry their Oral Digital Thermometer (ODT) eexceptionally day . Daily temperature taking will take location in particular classrooms prior to proceeding with lesboy / assembly / cohort briefing. To facilitate the visual screening of student and also staff at the foyer, the school"s earlier gate will certainly not run in the morning. Please enter by the front gateways .
The college strongly advises students and also their family members to monitor their health and wellness and also adopt excellent personal hygiene actions. Paleas must look for instant medical attention for their youngsters if unwell, and encertain that their children recover fully before they go back to college for classes. The institution will certainly occupational carefully through students on LOA by sustaining them with a home-based finding out setup, which will allow them to proceed through their learning. Let’s continue to save great individual hygiene and stay healthy.

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