Remove figure from caption latex

I"d favor to make my own subtitle inside caption in numbers of LaTeX. How deserve to I turn off the "Figure " presettle from the captions that appear?


First use the inscription package and then use the command also caption* in this way

usepackagecaption...caption*some textrather of captionsome text

Logic is the same in preventing numbering of sections and also subsections and also many other objects

subsection*Name of unnumbered subsection



Instead of defining the subtitle style once loading the inscription package, collection it up afterwards:


labelformat=empty%These alters will now only pertain to figure settings.

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You deserve to use


labelformat=emptyto turn the caption message off and then use


labelformat=defaultto revolve the subtitle message on again if you desire it to be various in different sections.


If you don"t desire to use added packeras, below is a work-about to put a inscription (text) listed below the figures:

includegraphicsfigurename\<1mm> ---your caption---
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