Learn how to clean dried paintbrushes. Don’t you hate as soon as you stumble upon a paintbrush that you’ve forgotten about? Dried latex paint can be a pain to clean out, but I have a simple tip on exactly how I execute it! No paint thinner needed!

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By the way, this is also a good method to problem brushes between use. It provides the bristles soft again after hefty use.

Think of it as a hair conditioner for your paintbrush. Plus, it smells amazing!

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Cleaning Dried Paint Brushes

My husband also cleaned up my paint mess last weekfinish and also put my brushes in the garage wbelow I promptly forobtained around them. They’re not completely dry, though this technique works for dry brushes too.

Rinsing the brushes rerelocated a lot of the paint on the exterior, however the inside was completely dried out.

Supplies Needed:

Glass jarIf the brush is still damp, rinse the brush out as best as you deserve to.
Use the brush to remove what paint you have the right to.
This also works for totally dry brushes, but you could have to let it sit for about a week.Let the brush sit for a couple of days relying on just how bad it is.Bad brushes will certainly need a clean supply of Murphy oil because the paint leaks to the bottom of the jar.Rinse the brush well through water.

Other Solutions for Dried Brushes

I haven’t had actually as a lot success through these methods, yet I wanted to share them.

Fabric Softener

Let the brush soak in fabric softener. Then rinse well.

Hot Water

Let your brush sit in hot water for around 20 minutes. Scrub via a brush comb. For even more details, check out this short article.

Paint Stripper

I’ve never before tried this pointer, however it sounds promising!

If you’re despeprice, paint stripper functions. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and scrape it away with a putty knife.

How to Avoid Letting Your Brush Dry Out

In in between coats of paint, wrap your brush in plastic wrap or location it in a plastic baggie. You have the right to place the plastic-wrapped paintbrush in the fridge if necessary. Don’t location the brush is a area where you will forget about it. (Looking at you hubby for placing my brushes in the garage…)

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