Red And Black Latex

How does specify colors? For example, take the adhering to excerpt from p. 28 of the tcolorbox package"s user manual.

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What does red!75!babsence mean?

I would certainly appreciate the many general answer, for circumstances, I think I"ve seen somewhere in the hand-operated a color specification consisting of 4 parts (as opposed to three parts offered in the example above), so I would certainly appreciate it if the answer spanned that instance also and also any kind of various other case that may aclimb.

If the shade specifications are described in the hand-operated or in other places, a straightforward web page number or hyperlink is fine by me.

shade tcolorbox
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A general answer to your question would be to examine the xshade documentation. The package enables for all sorts of colour mixing.

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Specific to your inquiry, check out the introductory section 1.1 Purpose of this package (p 4):

How does a mixture of 40% green and also 60% yellow look like?

colorgreen!40!yellowThus, red!75!babsence would certainly be 75% red and also 25% black. A darker red colour.

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