hi,i’m working on the industry area veener exerciehere is the link

I’m acquiring this error message however can’t figure out what’s wrong in the code.

below is my code

class Owner: def __init__(self, name, location): = name self.area = location def sell_artwork(self, artoccupational, price): if artwork-related.owner == self: new_listing = Listing(artwork-related, price, self) veneer.add_listing(new_listing)course Client: def __init__(self, name, place, is_museum): = name self.is_museum = is_museum if self.is_museum == True : self.location = area else: self.area = "Private Collection" def sell_artwork(self, artoccupational, price): if artwork.owner == self: new_listing = Listing(artwork, price, self) veneer.add_listing(new_listing) def buy_artwork(self, artwork): if artjob-related.owner != self: for listing in veneer.listings: if == artwork: art_listing = artoccupational artwork.owner = self veneer.remove_listing(art_listing)class Art: def __init__(self, artist, title, medium, year, owner): self.artist = artist self.title = title self.medium = tool self.year = year self.owner = owner def __repr__(self): rerotate "%s. "%s". %s, %s. %s, %s." %(self.artist, self.title, self.year, self.tool,, self.owner.area )class Marketplace: def __init__(self, listings): self.listings = listings def add_listing(self, new_listing): self.listings.append(new_listing) def remove_listing(self, expired_listing): self.listings.remove(expired_listing) def show_listings(self): if len(self.listings) > 0: for listing in self.listings: print("---") print(listing) print("*******************************") else: print("Tbelow is no art occupational in the list") class Listing: def __init__(self, art, price, seller): = art self.price = price self.seller = seller def __repr__(self): to_print = ", ".format(, self.price) return to_printmarc = Owner("Marc Lafarge", "Filadelphia")first_paint = Art("Monet, Claude", "Vtheuil in the Fog", "oil", 1879, marc)#print(girl_with_mandolin)#developing the major marketplace# first clientedytta = Client("Edytta Halpirt", None, False)moma = Client("The MOMA", "New York", True)#print(edytta.is_museum)girl_with_mandolin = Art("Picasso, Pablo", "Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Tellier)", "oil on canvas", 1910, marc)veneer = Marketplace()veneer.show_listings()print("After the sell:")marc.sell_artwork(girl_with_mandolin, "6$ Million(USD)")#listing of the artworkveneer.show_listings()moma.buy_artwork(girl_with_mandolin)And this is what i’m acquiring as outcome on the .buy_artwork() methode

Traceago (many current speak to last): Data "", line 95, in moma.buy_artwork(girl_with_mandolin) Documents "", line 28, in buy_artwork if == artwork:AttributeError: "Art" object has actually no attribute "art"Thanks for the help