Python How To Repeat A String

Sometimes, while functioning with strings, we might enrespond to a usage instance in which we should repeat our string to the size of K, also though the last string can not be complete, yet hregarding stop as the dimension of string becomes K. The difficulty of repeating string K times, is comparatively easier than this trouble. Let’s talk about method outs we deserve to perdevelop to settle this difficulty.Method #1 : Using list slicing and also // operatorThis job deserve to be perdeveloped making use of the over devices. In this we just multiply the string till it becomes higher than or equal to K, and also then just omit the slice of added string making use of the list slicing technique.

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Output :The original string : sibbap.orgString after performing repeatition : sibbap.orgsibbap.orgGeek

Method #2 : Using divmod() + list slicingThe department applied in the over strategy have the right to be substituted in this technique via the divmod function, which boosts code readcapability via the expense of 40% of performance degradation.
Output :The original string : sibbap.orgString after percreating repeatition : sibbap.orgsibbap.orgGeek
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