Python For Finance: Analyze Big Financial Data Pdf

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The financial market has adopted Python at a significant price freshly, with some of the largest investment financial institutions and also hedge funds utilizing it to build core trading and threat administration units. This hands-on guide helps both developers and also quantitative experts gain began through Python, and guides you through the most crucial facets of using Python for quantitative finance.

Table of contents

Preconfront I. Python and Finance 1. Why Python for Finance? What Is Python? Technology in Finance Python for Finance Efficiency and Productivity Thstormy Python 2. Infraframework and Tools Python Deployment Tools IPython 3. Introductory Examples Monte Carlo Simulation II. Financial Analytics and Growth 4. Data Types and Structures Basic File Types Basic File Structures NumPy File Structures Vectorization of Code 5. File Visualization Two-Dimensional Plotting 6. Financial Time Series pandas Basics 7. Input/Output Operations Basic I/O through Python I/O via pandas Rapid I/O with PyTables 8. Performance Python Parallel Computing Dynamic Compiling 9. Mathematical Tools Approximation Regression Convex Optimization Integration Symbolic Computation 10. Stochastics Simulation Stochastic Processes Valuation Risk Measures 11. Statistics Normality Tests Portfolio Optimization Principal Component Analysis Bayesian Regression 12. Excel Integration Basic Spreadsheet Interactivity Scripting Excel via Python Working with DataNitro 13. Object Orientation and also Graphical User Interdeals with Object Orientation Graphical User Interdeals with 14. Web Integration Internet Basics Net Plotting Real-Time Plots Rapid Internet Applications The Python Code Web Services III. Derivatives Analytics Library 15. Valuation Frameoccupational Fundapsychological Theorem of Asset Pricing Risk-Neutral Discounting 16. Simulation of Financial Models Geometric Brownian Motion Jump Diffusion Square-Root Diffusion 17. Derivatives Valuation European Exercise American Exercise 18. Portfolio Valuation Derivatives Positions Derivatives Portfolios 19. Volatility Options The VSTOXX Data Model Calibration American Options on the VSTOXX A. Selected Best Practices C. Dates and also Times

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Title: Python for Finance Author(s): Release date: December 2014 Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781491945285


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