Hi! I"m Lauren, and I have a number of years of endure tutoring the GRE. Before I gain right into the testimonial of the Princeton Review"s online GRE prep course, let me set the phase about the big picture for a minute.

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Shopping for GRE prep courses. 

It is very vital for potential graduate students to select the appropriate time to take the GRE. And of course, choosing the right prep course need to be a top priority when preparing to apply to graduate school; the goal need to be to just have to take the exam once. 

I believe that tright here are at least 3 essential criteria for GRE students to take into consideration once shopping for test prep. Students should ask themselves:

How perform I acquire the score I need in the a lot of efficient method possible? Does it fit my budget?Does it administer an engaging and also efficient learning experience?


Before making a last decision on an digital prep course, students should additionally ask themselves: 

Does the firm have actually the technology necessary to alleviate my learning curve?Does the program identify the best techniques of trouble solving?What time and financial investments execute I should make to finest prepare for the exam?


When you carry out a quick Google search for GRE prep, one of the initially sites you are recommended is the Princeton Rewatch. So, via this in mind, I have actually decided to take a closer look into what this regimen uses and also take into consideration how it stacks up against various other virtual GRE prep courses. 



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Princeton Review"s Online GRE Course Review


In what complies with, I will certainly evaluate some of the crucial features of the Princeton Rewatch, outlining the good and the bad facets of one of their programs. Readers need to save in mind that everything I do below is intended to assist those of you preparing to take the GRE take into consideration which form of prep products are finest for you. As such, I encourage anyone reading this to take time and also examine out the Princeton Rewatch site (and any kind of various other GRE prep programs you are shopping) for themselves prior to making a last decision. The Princeton Review even offers potential individuals through a cost-free practice test, a cost-free live seminar and a 14-day trial that contains a sample of their virtual course materials. 

While you’re at it, you deserve to also review our reviews of various other leading GRE prep courses choose Kaplan and also Magoosh


Princeton Recheck out GRE Course Overview


The first point I noticed was that the Princeton Review offers miscellaneous package and format alternatives, consisting of in-perkid, live online, and self-paced choices for students. I like that the Princeton Review offers students the capability to customize the level of help they need or desire. When it involves private tutoring, customers can choose from a variety of various tutors through varying specializations and also backgrounds. And some of their programs additionally market customers 8 full-size and computer system adaptive exercise exams. In short, the Princeton Review provides potential clients a lot to work through when preparing for the GRE. 

Depending on a student’s wanted finding out style, I recommfinish that anyone that requirements even more detailed test testimonial products choose from among the live options I have actually provided listed below. All of the live course options include one-on-one practice test reviews through an instructor, and avenues to attach via instructors exterior of classroom time are likewise obtainable, depending upon the package. I think this last choice is appropriate for any kind of student who is trying to find more individual attention throughout their test prep procedure.

Choosing the ideal test prep for you is exceptionally essential. However, it can be difficult to sift through all of the courses that are offered, so I have actually gave a failure of some of the choices for you. 



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Princeton Review GRE Course Options


Below are the formats the Princeton Review uses in addition to descriptions:

The thorough Self-Paced Online regimen is $499 and offers users through 65+ taped video lessons, over 2,574 practice concerns, 8 adaptive computer system tests and score reports, and also 61+ GRE styled adaptive drills that, in essence, curates lessons in response to users’ unique subject-particular performance;The Ultimate Live Online program prices $1024 and also contains every one of the Self-Paced features along with 180+ hrs of complete instruction – which contains 24 hrs of live instruction that covers all conmessage and test-taking methods – 470+ exercises/drills, and over 3500 practice questions;The many expensive program, Private Tutoring, arrays from $1800 to $3000 and also provides customers accessibility to a live instructor either in person or digital for 15 or 18 hrs, depending. The Private Tutoring choice also comes via the Princeton Guarantee (which I will explain comprehensive later). 

There are, of course, much less expensive choices for any student who is looking for an extra streamlined review of among the exam’s sections. This sort of student might potentially benefit from the Princeton Review’s math only or verbal only module: currently priced at $299 each. With this choice, students are given access to an online course that has 4 exercise tests, a number of inquiries and also drills, and also an essay evaluation. 

Tright here are plenty of additional products available for purchase.


What I Liked


What I choose a lot of around the Princeton Rewatch is that it is extremely versatile. Not only perform they have choices varying in price for those that are looking for affordable test prep, but their site also boasts 21 textbook choices from subject-specific drill publications to comprehensive techniques and practice tests. 

I certainly give the Princeton Resee credit for providing users the capacity to pick the ideal virtual materials and publications for them and at a price that fits their budget. However, I would certainly still encourage anyone that purchases difficult copy books to additionally integrate their studying with an digital prep course because these courses are updated even more frequently and also provide structured research plans that have the right to make a significant distinction in one’s GRE prep.



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For students functioning a busy schedule alongside preparing for the GRE, using on-the-go examine methods and materials can be essential. Unfortunately, the Princeton Review does not yet market a mobile platcreate. But, their virtual course products execute offer flashcards. And there are options to purchase the Princeton Review’s physical flashcard packs that emphasis on vocabulary and sentence structure; these are extra and price $16.28 on Amazon.

The Princeton Recheck out combines one-on-one style lectures through mock classroom demonstrations and also exercises. 

Alongside the virtual products, the Princeton Rewatch advertises instructors with substantial training in GRE tactics and teaching. I think this create might really benefit users, making them feel as though they are in the room via the instructor rather than listening and watching via a screen.

What is more, students that sign up for the Princeton Review’s Ultimate Course will additionally have actually accessibility to their instructor outside of class hours. And their instructor methodology tailors classoccupational and homejob-related to each student’s ability level to emphasis on the certain areas that need the many development.

Customizable tutoring choices are accessible to customers.

Private tutoring tends to run as the many expensive option for many prep courses. But I believe it deserve to additionally make a large difference in student performance, so being able to select the ideal tutor for oneself and to uncover an option that fits your budobtain is a advantage of the Princeton Rewatch.



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The Princeton Rewatch provides computer-adaptive exercise tests to customize user suffer. 

Because the GRE responds to individual students’ performance, it is crucial to discover a prep course that features in the very same method. Anyone who is new to the GRE can be thrvery own off by an exam-form that transforms its challenge level in response to user performance. Thus, the even more expocertain a student hregarding this unique mechanic, the more comfortable he/she will certainly be in the time of the real-time exam. 

When it pertains to the Princeton Rewatch, their programs are tailored to individual students’ needs. For one, the Princeton Review offers simulated exercise, including 8 full-length, section-adaptive computer system exercise tests. Secondly, after each test, students obtain personalized feedago helping them to identify their areas of toughness and also weakness. In doing so, users can then emphasis their research initiatives towards particulars in order maximize their test prep endure. 

The Princeton Resee utilizes their trademarked DrillSmart innovation.

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In addition to its computer-adaptive exercise tests, the Princeton Review’s DrillSmart innovation likewise functions adaptive concerns based on individual student performance. The drill sessions start with a calibration question, dictating the level of difficulty of the exercises to follow. Aget, this simulates the nature of the real-time GRE, and I think this could benefit students by making them more comfortable via distinct attributes of the test.



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What I Didn"t Like


The biggest downside to The Princeton Review"s exercise questions and also tests is realism. Make certain you"re likewise practicing with main ETS practice questions and also tests.

The Princeton Recheck out program uses feedago on essays.

From what I have actually checked out, the Princeton Review’s Self-Paced Online GRE course is the only among its type that offers individuals feedearlier on esclaims. Users submit their essays using the site’s LiveGrader tool, which will certainly get scored by an instructor/tutor that provides suggestions on just how to refine one’s essay-creating skills for a greater score on the real-time exam. 

Getting feedback on esclaims have the right to make a crucial difference throughout one’s test prep. Writing for the exam can be challenging for many students, so having a responsive grader reviewing your composing and also giving personalized feedback is beneficial and also necessary. 

When it involves other exercise exams, I fear that if students aren’t acquiring feedback then tbelow is no one intervening on negative habits, which is detripsychological on test day. Many type of of the other GRE prep courses I have actually looked at either execute not attend to essay writing and also revision at all or treat it as an afterassumed quite than an essential component for maximizing one’s exam prep.


Pros and Cons


Below I have actually provided some of the significant pros of the Princeton Rewatch Self-Paced Online program:

The 24+ hrs of live instruction is more live instruction than individuals are likely to obtain from any type of various other virtual programs;The program’s adaptive drills and also timed exercise simulate the real-time exam;Interenergetic score reports and essay feedback aid students see specifically just how they percreated on each section of the exam and also wbelow they still must improve;The Princeton Rewatch uses individuals a considerable method to study and prepare for the exam through plenty of video content, exercise questions, and full-length tests. 


Below I have actually provided some of the major cons of the Princeton Recheck out Self-Paced Online program:

Although the Princeton Resee has several full-size exams that aid identify areas of weakness and also 2,574+ practice questions, tbelow is no quiz bank of inquiries. And there are various other similar GRE prep courses that offer question banks that allow customers to create quizzes and also focus on specific locations by filtering concerns and also tailoring their prep time to their individual needs; The website does offer flashcards for users, however there is no mobile application available on smartphones or tablets for students who desire on-the-go study time materials; The Ultimate Course comes with one prep book that includes practice inquiries through comprehensive explacountries, progressed strategies for taking the test and also solving the many difficult questions, a review of all the GRE topics, as well as two full-length exercise tests. The Self-Paced Course, on the other hand, does not come via a prep book, so getting a physical message in order to optimize test prep would certainly come at an additional price for students.Concern realism and also practice test realism is not incredibly good.



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Further Thoughts


Before accessing the Self-Paced Online module for myself, I review many type of reviews complaining about the Princeton Review’s typos. Although this sort of carelessness was rare in the time of my endure, tbelow were times once answers in the explanations did not complement the answer selections offered in the question stem. This kind of turned me off to the routine. I felt as though the editors of the digital products endangered the top quality of their content for amount, which made me more cynical around the program’s capacity to majorly boost students’ test scores.


Princeton Rewatch score guarantee

Guarantees can go a lengthy means for individuals who are shopping for the right GRE prep. 

When it involves the Princeton Rewatch, if a student does not feel prepared to take the test at the finish of a course, he or she deserve to repeat the exact same course or among their refresher courses if accessible at no extra expense. Or, if a student’s base score does not increase by the end of the regime, an eligible student could acquire totally refunded. 

What is even more, if a student is not satisfied through his or her results, regardmuch less of their score, they could potentially continue to occupational via the Princeton Rewatch for up to a year. 

Of course, there are distinctive conditions depending upon the form of regimen a student enrolls in. I would certainly encourage shoppers to visit the Princeton Recheck out webwebsite for even more specifics on their guarantees, however below I have actually offered a failure of the Self-Paced Online guarantee.

In order for students to gain their money ago or acquire an expansion on their routine, customers must:

Take all 4 required tests;Complete an main test within 90 days of the termination of the Online Student Portal access;Prove that their test scores have not enhanced. 


Students should additionally save in mind that they are just able to usage the Princeton Review Guarantee when per paid purchase.



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Closing thoughts

My goal has been to display readers that the right option largely counts on one’s availcapability and finding out style. The Princeton Review’s GRE courses sell a number of personalized alternatives for those of you who are looking for solid test prep. Students can pick from various tutors, enroll in small-group finding out, and take advantage of the flexible Self-Paced choice at rather reasonable prices.

The 8 full-length, computer-adaptive practice exams are absolutely a selling allude for students; not many other prep courses that I have actually watched sell this many kind of exercise exams. There is likewise the Princeton Recheck out College Planner. This is a personalized routine that helps track dvery own the institution and also routine that matches students’ staminas and also interests. 

The Princeton Review’s Self-Paced Online course is not cheap by any kind of means, yet if a student is looking to apply to and secure a spot in a top grad institution, then investing in a program favor this is beneficial. 

However before, save in mind the greatest downside of this or any kind of GRE course: practice material realism. You"ll want to greatly use main ETS materials for practice.