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East Course

18 hole regulation size course

Municipal golf course

69 par | 6,457 yards | 117 slope

70.3 rating | Rye grass

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The 18-hole "East" course at the Preakness Valley Golf Course facility in Wayne, New Jersey attributes 6,457 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 69. The course rating is 70.3 and it has actually a slope rating of 117 on Rye grass. East golf course opened in 1892. Darryl Sparta maneras the course as the Director of Parks.




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Passaic County is an excellent location to learn to play. New renovations especially tees, greens and bunkers give new players the suffer of features uncovered on better end courses. The price is right as well.

Just relocated ago to the location, tried out an old course (Passaic County) that I played earlier in High School. Much to my supincrease tbelow has actually been many kind of renovations...Great job!!! I will certainly be going back!

Golf courses get their heaviest play on weekends and we have actually a Greenkeeper that doesnt occupational on any type of of them. Why not? It might be bereason the County let him join a union and currently they have to pay him overtime also though he is part of the monitoring or it can be because they dont have the willpower to stagger his work-related schedule sometimes so he is at the Golf Course when in awhile on a weekend. The County allows him usage a County truck and County gregarding commute ago and forth from his home eincredibly day so they should make one of his work-related days a weekfinish. I don"t expect him tbelow each and also eincredibly weekend but I do expect to watch him tright here periodically, rather of never. What other Golf Course has actually a greenskeeper that works Monday to Friday only? Take a Monday off and come in on Saturday or Sunday. Take a Friday off and come in on Saturday or Sunday. We would certainly choose to accomplish you considering that we have actually only heard we have a greenkeeper yet have actually never before seen one. Judging from the poorly preserved areas roughly and also on the greens I think it is just a false rumor anymeans . Perhaps if you (the greenskeeper) made an attempt to learn just how to play you would certainly likewise have an idea of the frustrations we need to endure eexceptionally day at this poorly run and also maintained Golf Course. The greens look nice from a distance but then we have to putt on them. They aren"t nice to putt on with a stimpmeter rate of 3 to 4 and that is a generous rate on some days. The US Open need to hire this guy. I am certain the elite golfers would certainly be just as thrilled through the 6 inch and also greater grass bordering every one of the greens. Don"t ever before mean to watch a 2nd cut on the fringe. If you require some balls you need to pertained to this golf course. After trying to find a few minutes you will discover some that have actually been lost simply in earlier of the first and only reduced fringe. All you will require is a rake to uncover them. This past Sunday we had the pleasure of having actually 16 out of 18 greens with a pin placement within 5 feet of the fringe. Perhaps this is a new and novel way to preserve the facility of all these greens. I would certainly suggest roping off the facility though because everybody had actually to walk ago and also forth throughout the entire green to putt. I am also assuming the ball was uncovered if the green wasnt hit in regulation. Yes, I understand we can comordinary and also we do. The standard answer from the club home on a weekend is either "take into consideration it a challenge" or "tell the greenskeeper". Gee, what a good idea! Why don"t we contact him at residence and also ask him to commute right here in the County truck and fill it up when he gets below so we have the right to. What? We need to come earlier in the time of the week? He isn"t obtainable in the time of the weekend you say? Greens fees have actually been climbing yearly together with the grass. The County is putting a ton of money right into new tees and also an watering mechanism. With this greenskeeper still functioning tright here I have the right to just see higher grass for the money because he has never before heard of lowering the blades on a lawn mower. Now he will be able to water the rough and also get it really high if it would certainly just quit falling over from its outrageous elevation. Instead of out of bounds stakes and danger stakes I mean to see stakes around the greens to host up the grass. I think it is time for Passaic County to hire a greenskeeper. We require a greenskeeper that believes in doing his task, one who really cares about the game and also just how it is played and also offer us a course that is playable. The existing greenskeeper is only interested in looks and also not playcapability. He must get his resume in order, revolve in the county truck and also find a project as a landscaper.John07507