Pillars Of The Earth Book Review

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Set in medieval England, The Pillars of the Earth is a gripping tale of the passions, intrigue, politics and greed surrounding the building of a 12th century cathedral.

Medieval times, basilicas, castles, knights, deception, love, rivalry and intrigue...sounds prefer an interesting story. Does this best offering book set in 12th century England also live approximately the hype?

Let's dig right into The Pillars of the Earth and uncover out...


Plot Summary

What's this book about?

The central plot element of The Pillars of the Earth is the building of a brand-new cathedral in the fictional English town of Kingsbridge throughout the 12th century. But the story is really about the problems between the world structure the cathedral and those that want to destroy it.

It is the early on 12th century and also England also is around to erupt into civil battle. The brand-new prior of the monastery at Kingsbridge is figured out to redevelop the present run dvery own cathedral right into one that will glorify God. He finds a young understand builder that shares his vision of building the the majority of beautiful cathedral in England also.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood bishop is a power hungry male through various other plans. He functions to disrupt the prior's efforts at eextremely revolve. His regular ally in this is a cruel and also vengeful earl consumed by his own greed.


Thoughts About "The Pillars of the Earth"

The story maintained my interemainder and flowed well. The book is 970 pperiods but doesn't feel long at all. With a story covering over 50 years (1123-1174) those pages are all necessary to weave this multi-generational story together successfully.

Reading this was favor a medieval emotional roller coaster. Tbelow are moments of love, joy and happiness blended in through scenes of greed, cruelty, violence and also tragedy.

The book is separated right into 6 components through a drawing of the cathedral in its current state for the begin of each component. The illustrations are well done and also a nice touch.

It was interesting to learn more around medieval life while analysis this book. Little day-to-day methods such as world walking best right into someone's home unannounced or bringing your steed and also other livestock inside the residence added flavor to the story.

This is just one of those publications that so engrossed me in the story, it made me want to play a computer game concerned the story line. In this instance, it was Lords of the Realm II wright here you complete against other nobles (including an undependable Bishop) to control the realm.

Writing Style

Follett does an excellent project of telling the story from multiple see points. Each section or chapter is told from the perspective of one of the main personalities so you gain an expertise of their thoughts and also actions.

The descriptions of exactly how the cathedral is designed and also constructed are very well done. There is enough indevelopment to image the building and construction in your mind and also enhance the story without overwhelming the reader in technical details.

One odd point is that the personalities speak as if they are living in modern-day times. There's very bit use of language from the moment duration. Maybe I'm spoiled from reading the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian, yet I enjoy historical fiction even more when the characters sound authentic to the duration.


What I Liked About This Book

1. An engaging story via exciting characters, plot twists and also great pacing.

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2. Detailed descriptions of the basilicas, castles, battles and medieval life that improve the story.

3. A cool glimpse right into medieval times. I delighted in discovering about the building and construction of sanctuaries, the political power battles and the difficulties of everyday medieval life.


My Rating of "The Pillars of the Earth"

Medieval times, basilicas, castles, knights, trickery, love, rivalry and intrigue...there's something in this book for everyone. On height of that, it's a great read and I really reap good historic fiction.

Historical Figures In "The Pillars of the Earth"

Several historic figures that lived in the time of the years extended by the book were included in the story. Below are links to even more information on the significant historical characters:

Thomas Becket - Archbishop of Canterbury Head of the Church of England, Thomas and also Henry II were commonly in dispute over the freedom of the church from the monarchy.

King Henry II

King Stephen King of England in the time of the majority of of the story.

Empush Matilda Referred to as Empush Maud in the book, she is the daughter of Henry I and rightful heir to the throne which her cousin Stephen claimed as his.

King Henry I

Robert - 1st Earl of Gloucester Matilda's fifty percent brother and also ally versus King Stephen.

The White Ship This ship sank in the English Channel while transporting the just legitimate heir to King Henry I. The sinking triggered a number of plot lines in the book.

Cathedral Image Credits

Cathedral Notre Dame, Chartres supplied under Creative Commons from ell brvery own.

Salisbury Cathedral offered under Creative Commons from stevecadman.

Cathedrale d'Amiens la nuit used under Creative Commons from Nicolas Loeuillet.


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Good book.Don't typically review fiction.Thought it was not believable.Story far reaching.Still delighted in it.

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My frifinish simply recommended this book so I really enjoyed your evaluation which neatly summarised the book while covering several aspects of its content. I love historical fiction and also have currently ordered I it