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Alice"s aunt Polly is the Pie Queen of Ipswitch, and when she dies, everyone in Ipswitch is upcollection.

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Not just was Polly such a nice person that she offered her pies away quite than offering them, however world were really hooked on her pies. Pie also amped up the town"s economic climate. After all, Polly was a 13-time winner of the nationwide pie challenge, the Blueberry. (Someone else gotten in her pies.) And her shop, Pie, had come to be a genuine tourist attraction.Alice is especially sa
d bereason she was very cshed to her aunt. To her surpclimb, her aunt leaves her a heritage, her grouchy cat, Lardo. And she has actually left her award-winning pie crust recipe to Lardo!Now fifty percent the town is baking pies, trying to win the Blueberry. Including Alice"s mommy, that has envied Polly for years and also resented the fact that Polly didn"t usage her gifts to make the majority of money.Alice"s father does not bake; he sneezes. He"s allergic to cats.Alice is not interested in making pies. Her own talent is for songwriting.

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And now she is trying to obtain in addition to Larperform, not the world"s sweetest feline. When Larcarry out disappears from her room, Alice worries that he has been catnapped.Also, what is magazine reporter Sylby means of DeSoto really up to? Let alone Mayor Needleman"s wife, or Alice"s primary, Miss Gurke?With a tvery own complete of tricks and also failed pie crust, Alice and Aunt Polly"s shop assistant Charlie collection out to play Nancy Drew and one of the Hardy Boys, respectively. Sure, Charlie is good at solving Alice"s uncooperative bicycle chain, however he provides a pretty great friend, too.Alice is inclined to be self doubting, worrying about all the things she"s said and done wrong. It will certainly be clear to readers that what Polly many wanted to leave her niece was not a pie crust recipe; it was straightforward, daily happiness.But happiness seemed as much from Alice"s reach as the disappearing pies in her dream. She lay in bed wondering if things would certainly ever before change, and also that"s once she remembered somepoint her aunt Polly had when told her."Things carry out not change; we carry out.""Did you make that up?" Alice had asked."No, a guy named Henry David Thoreau shelp it. Do you understand also what it means?""I"m not certain.""If you desire points to be various, you need to begin by altering yourself."Of course, Alice, being a self-doubter, takes this memory the wrong means and decides she have to readjust whatever around herself. Stuff prefer her singing, her creative thinking, and her hunches. Readers will be quick to realize that Alice"s brand-new goal is not a wise one. Sure enough, a few pages and also a peach pie later, Alice gets it best. Other personalities likewise flourish and readjust, replacing old perspectives via brand-new ones.This is a fairly slim book, a cheerful, unintimidating story of adventure and also friendship—and pie.