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If you want to come to be a phlebotomist (also referred to as phlebotomy technician), you may already know that it is a perkid that draws venous blood for tests and also donations.

Depfinishing on the state you are going to work in and also the employer, you may be trained on the project without having actually previous suffer or clinical education. Many type of employers and also claims choose The golden state need you to get a diploma or certificate in phlebotomy.

In this short article, we will certainly review the ideal phlebotomy research guides for different companies of phlebotomy certification or your individual studying. Make sure to read a few beneficial tips on picking a perfect study overview for you that we have for you at the end of the write-up.

If you want to simply obtain ago to researching, get our height pick for phlebotomy examine guides right here.

Our Top Favorite

Phlebotomy Exam Resee Study Guide: Phlebotomy Test Prep and Practice Questions for the ASCP BOC Phlebotomy Technician Exam by Ascencia Phlebotomy Exam Prep Team

This research guide will provide you with a complete testimonial of the indevelopment for your upcoming certification exam.

Other guides by this publisher available particularly for NHA, NCCT and also NCPT tests.

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Why Choose this Study Guide:

A full exercise test is had in the overview so that you will be much better prepared for the genuine exam.The book will familiarize you via examples of real-life phlebotomists’ problems and teach you just how to attend to them and also any concerns that might happen.

What Makes this Study Guide Unique:

This research overview will certainly provide you with all indevelopment you require easily without any type of added textpublications.The textbook is excellent! What’s even much better is the totally free online flashcards, exercise tests, tips, and also examine cwarmth sheets that you acquire through this guide’s purchase. You have the right to conveniently use them on your smartphone or tablet.
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How to Choose the Best Phlebotomy Study Guide for You

To recognize which research guide is ideal for you:

If you are planning on ending up being a certified phlebotomy technician, pick a training course first. They will certainly administer you through the required publications, and also at leastern one of them will be a study guide.Think of finding out techniques you like to usage. For example, if you think that repetition functions well for you, think about utilizing flashcards; if you remember visual indevelopment ideal, choose a guide with many photos, tables, and also graphs.Check if examine guides offer any kind of extra product prefer apps, virtual resources, and so on.

Well, there are a few points you need to understand prior to you pick your research guide.

Always look for the many current edition of the examine overview you want to get. The latest variation will certainly be updated via the most exact indevelopment and also corrected mistakes. Many kind of guides publish new editions each year.Don’t necessarily buy books at the campus stores; their prices are regularly means as well high.We highly recommfinish purchasing new examine guides, specifically if you are preparing for a test. The offered ones regularly have notes, highlights, test answers marked. You can probably discover phlebotomy examine guides publimelted not later on than 2018, however if you want the newest ones likely 2020-2021, you will need to buy them. In many situations, if there are virtual supplements, you won’t obtain access to them with a supplied overview or downloaded totally free one.Even if you have actually the ideal textbook, make certain to exercise as many kind of test questions as feasible, and also evaluation other materials.

Is being a phlebotomist worth it? Only you deserve to decide that for yourself, however we will certainly list some pros and cons that may assist.


No medical education essential other than a training routine and obtaining a certificateStable salary which boosts via your experienceLow unemployment price (4%)Benefits commonly provided by employers (health insurance, 401k, phelp sick leave)Healthcare market is constantly a secure one to work inMany kind of locations to work-related at (hospitals, emergency clinics, personal practices, nursing dwellings, blood banks, and so on.)Growth opportunities


Training and certificate price (≈ $700-$3000 training regime, ≈ $200 books, ≈$90-$150 certification)Working through sick civilization and also pathogens (not in all cases)Stressful work environment (lengthy hours, inflexible schedule, unpredicted instances, stresses colleagues)Seeing and also handling difficult cases (severe injuries and illnesses, sick kids)Stressed and also unpleasant patients that require individual approaches

Wrapping Things Up: The Best Phlebotomy Study Guide

Putting whatever together, in this guide we reregarded the following: