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We learn even more what life is like for a convicted felon, at least in GA at that time, and also it’s not pretty. Moving from shelter to sanctuary, having no call via her former frifinish, even once she mirrors up at her law office, and not being able to obtain a task –not even at a stripclub, bereason of her convicted felon previous, points gain worse for Stanton. Are her money woes at the heart of her decision to write this book? The betrayal she feels? Both? As a reader I found myself speculating her suggest in writing this book, aget. Just as I speculate, tright here is a allude at which it seems there might be some means to salvage the partnership she states she had actually via Parks. Parks guarantees to help her via the latest pending charge – understanding that Stanton and also her children were moving sanctuary to shelter. Stanton is still refmaking use of to set up her frifinish.

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Her luck is wildly varied. Low lows are even more likely than good luck and highs. She reaches a allude once she nearly marries for money – you’ll know what that means if you read the book. She lastly finds a decent paying task, one that offers her the hope she’ll be able to raise her youngsters quite than turn them over to family members that can’t afford to raise them, or may put them at danger to become survivors of predators. She functions for the state in the transportation department! She moves from crimes versus the state to functioning for the state. Things look hopetotally as soon as the federal trial comes and guess what? I’m certain you’ve put the pieces together. Continued betrayal! Parks is nowright here to be seen despite what is construed as a promise to represent her.Parks cites a conflict of interest as the reason she can’t represent Stanton. The double punch comes when Stanton is illustrated by E. (Everett, Apollo’s “brother”) as the mastermind who put the entire procedure together.

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Remember, this is a woman that was not yet 21, I think, when she met Parks and ended up being friends with her. She had not completed high college, she was at that time – by her very own account, making ends on petty work. She is pegged as the mastermind?

Oddly sufficient, she is aget presented mercy and ends up on probation. I wish, at this suggest, Stanton was able to report a great life, and also felt the should tell her story because she is in an excellent area. Her highs and also lows are, aacquire, higher and also lower than practically anypoint I have the right to imagine. The task via the Transportation Department that saves her eventually becomes the task that puts her in a precarious instance when her success becomes threatening to others. She meets Goldie Taylor and gets aid putting “Life Beyond These Walls” together, only to lose that support via no fault of her very own, it is a issue that is beyond the manage of either of them. She hustles a legal hustle that puts her at hazard for another sexual assault by a famous person she have to have actually been able to trust – someone whose admission of rape, Stanton states she has actually on tape. Then another “up” moment. “Life Beyond These Walls” is published and also supported by high profile member of the ATL community – the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr – Dr. Alveda King. More lows, Stanton sees not just Phaedra and also Apollo, however E (Everett, the companion in crime who asserted she was the mastermind), together again. Where? She seems him TWICE on “Real Housewives.” Everett is offered the royal treatment, despite the truth that she and also her children resided in a sanctuary. Just WOW! Had she not described his scenes on RHOA, I would certainly never before have actually recognized who he was. I never paid that a lot attention to those in Phaedra and Apollo’s stays.

The book ends with Stanton laying the situation for why this book is around justice, not vengeance. I’ll let you review that to recognize for yourself if she’s done an excellent job making the situation. I’m (mostly) convinced. Let me recognize what you think!

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