Peg perego book review

This family run firm has Italian style oozing through its veins. Add this to the ingenious design features and they have actually created a pushchair that before currently many paleas might only dream of. The Peg Perego Publication 51 S Pop-Up is unique and functional; let"s view how it acquired on when we put it with the complete Pushchair Expert test.

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Pushchair Review

Giuseppe Perego designed the first pram for his boy Lucio in 1949 and also since then this household run service has gone from strength-to-stamina, distributing top quality products roughly the world, while holding firm to its family values.

With a variety of quality pushchairs featuring fine Italian detailing and also clever before design attributes, we are certain they will certainly be a hit on the UK market.

What"s in the box?

• Chassis• Wheels• Seat unit• Navetta Pop-Up Carrycot• Prima Viaggio SL Car Seat• Seat Apron • Bumper bar • Raincover• Car seat• Changing bag

The RRP of the Peg Perego Publication 51 S Pop-Up Modular System is £1,010Components can also be purchased individually:• Chassis £290• Navetta Pop-up Carrycot £230• Seat Pop-up £260• Primo Viaggio Car Seat £160• Changing Bag £70


• Weight: Chassis and also seat unit: 11.3kg• Folded Size: Chassis (cm): H85 x W51 x D35• Open Size (cm): H106 x W51 x D93• Suitability: Birth - 15kg


• Belted Base • ISOsettle Base• Navetta Carrycot Raincover• Book Handle Extensions• Book Off Road Wheels

Colour Options

The Book 51 S Pop-Up comes in Luxe Beige, Luxe Grey, Luxe Opal, Luxe Bluenight and also Blue Denim.


Peg Perego Publication 51 S Pop-Up Modular Review: Chassis

The Publication 51 S Pop-Up is a complete high-end pram and pushchair mechanism that comes via a reversible seat unit and matching bassinet ‘pop up" carrycot. Although it looks sleek and also sophisticated, Peg Perego have actually designed this device to cope with the grind of everyday life for parent and also son.

We have actually reperceived the Book 51 S Pop-Up as a finish system, yet tbelow is numerous flexibility as paleas can buy each component independentlyi.e. Chassis, Seat Unit, Carrycot, Car Seat and also Changing Bag.

The sleek grey and also black chassis is elegant whilst at the very same time workmanprefer. Just scanning over the chassis at first glance, it is clear that the Publication 51 S Pop-Up will have many covert gems to offer us as we put it via its paces throughout our review.


The wheels on the Book 51 S Pop-Up are solid polyurethane wheels so tbelow is no possibility of acquiring a puncture, but at the very same time, they still have that comfortable bounce around them that air filled tyres offer.

Giving the ultimate in smooth pushes, you really obtain a feel for the luxury standing of this pushchair. This smoothness is largely because of the good suspension as the wheels are mounted on 12 round bearings, making the pushchair simple to steer and feeling exceptionally nimble.

We have actually pumelted the Book 51 S Pop-Up on many type of various terrains now. Although it isn"t classed as an all terrain pushchair, it copes extremely well through the bumps and also lumps thrvery own at it on park tracks and dog walks. It was whilst walking on a bumpy park track that we discovered among the first "covert gem" features of this pushchair that renders life simpler for paleas. We needed to lock the wheels off and also rather of bending down to the floor and also locking each wheel off individually, tbelow is a really handy dial simply half means down the side of the chassis which you have the right to rotate to lock and also unlock the front swivel wheels via ease. If you are someone that walks on rough terrain routinely via your pushchair, Peg Perego additionally market Publication Off Roadway Wheels that have the right to be purchased as an additional to relocation the front wheels on the Book 51 S Pop-Up.

The handlebar is another standout function of the Book 51 S Pop-Up. It has actually a distinctive form which has actually been cleverly designed to enable you to press through one or two hands with ease and it is additionally extended in a lavish black leather choose product which provides a luxurious feeling to the pushchair driver. The distinct shape takes a little gaining provided to at initially, however as time went on and we offered the pushchair even more and even more, we really valued the basic one hand steering position offered by the central gripper in the middle of the handlebar. It is adjusecure in height by using the 2 round push buttons on either side of the handlebar and covers a range of heights to suit many various paleas.

There are two brake pedals on this pushchair - one placed next to each rear wheel. You have the right to use either brake pedal to usage the brakes, which we found made life much easier as we didn"t have to think and remember which side of the chassis the brake was placed on. To release the brake you flick the pedal up with your toes, so you might must be careful about your alternative of footwear!

If storage is your bug bear, then the Book 51 S Pop-Up really delivers in this department. The basket is HUGE! Its deep sides permitted us to pile all manner of items in and also an included bonus was the truth the basket was perfectly obtainable from all angles - even through the carrycot in place or the seat unit fully reclined. We piled wellies, coats and a small picnic in the basket on quite a couple of occasions. The icing on the cake through the storage on this pushchair is the enhancement of the consisted of transforming bag that compliments the fabrics of the pushchair. It is likewise huge and even more than big sufficient for you to fit every little thing you need for 2 youngsters in it.


Peg Perego Publication 51 S Pop-Up Modular Review: Seat, Carrycot and Car Seat

This is wbelow the Pop-Up aspect of the pushchair comes right into play. If you aren"t impressed by the chassis, then the Book 51 S Pop-Up definitely intends to supply through the full-packed functions of the seat and carrycot.

Just as the chassis feels and also looks luxurious, the seat unit does also. The fabrics and complete ooze quality and also Italian finesse - somepoint we are finding out Peg Perego assets all have in common!


Being a modular device, you can click the seat unit on and off the chassis in either people or parent dealing with positions. To execute this just squeeze the bar lever before at the rear of the seat base.

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The seat reclines fully in either place utilizing the switch on the ago of the seat unit. We discovered it really handy to have the ability to recline the seat via just one hand and without waking baby in the procedure, which is constantly a bonus!

We found so many kind of positives about the seat unit whilst testing out the Publication 51 S Pop-Up, the super soft fabrics being among them. Baby was constantly extremely comfortable and also happy to ride in the seat unit. With a thick apron had, they will certainly be preserved heat in all weathers as well.


But by far the finest attribute of the seat unit is the sunlight hood. It"s among the biggest hoods we have actually seen and also offers excellent coverage from the sun, wind and drizzle that the English weather so unpredictably threw at us throughout our testing time via the pushchair.

The hood practically touched the leg rest of the seat when baby was reclined and resting - it offered a good cosy area for naps and also expected baby slept soundly and also for a little longer than usual!

The seat is just one of the the majority of upbest seats we"ve watched in the upright place and also when an inquisitive toddler was put in the seat, they were incredibly comfortable with their check out of the human being roughly them. The 5 suggest harness is beauticompletely pincluded and also easily adjusecure to suit the elevation of your boy.

Swivelling and removable, the bumper bar is spanned in the same leather look towel as the handlebar. It looks excellent and adds another aspect of high-end to the seat unit.

If you arrangement to use the Book 51 S Pop-Up from birth then the incredibly clever carrycot will come in extremely handy! As a parent a carrycot deserve to be an inconvenient need. It"s the finest area for baby to be for the initially 6 months of their life, however at the exact same time storing the carrycot can be challenging. This carrycot eliminates all of these storage worry as it folds flat with the use of simply one hand AND whilst still attached to the pushchair chassis! Meaning that you have the right to fold via it too.


The carrycot is deep and has a curved base which we discovered a brilliant attribute that enabled us to rock our newborn to sleep once we lifted the carrycot off the chassis and popped it into the floor in the house. It is additionally a good size. When a 7 month old was inserted in the carrycot, he still had plenty of room for development.

For our newborn, a super function of the Book 51 S Pop-Up carrycot was the ability to lift the backrest of the carrycot slightly when she was enduring from reflux. Baby felt much more comfortable in this place and also a happy baby intended for happy paleas too!


The carrycot hood is big and has the same zip open mesh ventilation panel in the ago of the hood to enable plenty of air to flow through to baby on warmer days or as they sleep.

Making the Publication 51 S Pop-Up a complete take a trip mechanism, you receive the Group 0+ Prima Viaggio SL infant carrier. Proper for use up to 13kg, the Prima Viaggio SL has a 3-allude harness which is integrated into the headremainder, making adjustment into one of five positions feasible in a basic motion. We love that it attaches to the chassis without require for any type of adaptors! When using it in your automobile, you have the right to fit the seat through the vehicle"s very own seat belt or purchase a belted or ISOsettle base. To help keep baby shaded and also safeguarded, the Prima Viaggio SL has actually its own hood with a UPF 50+ rating. Peg Perego additionally market adaptors need to you wish to usage a various auto seat through your travel system.


Peg Perego Publication 51 S Pop-Up Modular Review: Fold

Tright here are a few measures to folding however it is an outstanding fold to say the leastern that can be done one handed! We constantly uncovered it handy to pop the brake on before we folded to store the entirety pushchair still. You also need to make sure that the handlebar is in its highest many upbest place or it have the right to gain recorded and the fold won"t operate as smoothly. If the seat unit is on the chassis, you can fold via it human being or parent encountering, so flip the seat right forward making use of the recline lever on the back of the seat. Next, pull on the handle at the earlier of the seat, on the chassis and also the pushchair will certainly immediately fold dvery own and also lock into position through its auto lock. It complimentary stands upright once folded so the seat isn"t lying on the ground and also picking up dirt. The Book 51 S Pop-Up is not as bulky as many type of various other fully featured take a trip units and the truth that it deserve to be folded in one item saved helpful minutes when loading and unloading it from the automobile.


One of the many unique and useful facets of the fold from a parent allude of check out is the capacity to fold the pushchair through the carrycot still in place and the all at once fold package is no bigger. We did note a couple of envious stares from other paleas in auto parks as soon as we packed our pram away so easily and also through room to spare in our boot!

Peg Perego Publication 51 S Pop-Up Modular Review: Conclusion

The Publication 51 S Pop-Up is a great alternative for paleas who plan to only buy one pushchair to serve them from birth to toddlerhood. It has a number of luxurious attributes however also remains really valuable as well with handy features such as the huge basket, big hood, and clever before fold.

The handlebar is a unique shape and also might be choose marmite to some parents, but we did gain supplied to it after a couple of supplies.

The distinct capability to fold the carrycot down is really useful if you setup to usage a carrycot and space is a premium in your automobile boot.

Purchasing the whole system does come in at the greater finish of the market, but you absolutely gain your money"s worth in regards to high quality, style and also feature.


We offer the Peg Perego Book 51 S Pop-Up Modular 4.5 out of 5 stars

For more details on Peg Perego, visit their website and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram.