Pediatric Cardiology Board Review Book

Get ready to pass the Pediatric Cardiology Certifying Exam via Gain access to more than 350 Pediatric Cardiology Certification board review exercise concerns through comprehensive explacountries for both correct and also incorrect responses. The Pediatric Cardiology Certification question bank follows the exam content outline for the Amerideserve to Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Pediatric Cardiology Certifying Exam.

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“' question financial institution is exceptionally typical of the board exam. It is likewise a great method to evaluation vital core topics. Excellent format and also incredibly time-reliable.”

Samir Pancholy MD
Challenging Pediatric Cardiology Certification Board Recheck out inquiries via imperiods in similar format/top quality to the actual exam
Detailed explanations and also evidence-based rationales with eexceptionally Pediatric Cardiology Certification boards question
Pediatric Cardiology Certification boards practice concerns and also answers were developed by graduates of top programs, practicing clinicians, and faculty from height study institutions.
Arrhythmias Congenital Cardiac Malformations Outpatient Cardiology Adult Congenital Heart Disease Statistics and Research Deauthorize Pediatric Cardiology Cardiovascular Structure, Growth, and also Function Basic Principles of Pharmacology Genetic Disorders and also Syndromes of the Cardiovascular System Acquired Forms of Cardiac Disease Left to Right Shunts Single Ventricular Lesions Right to Left Shunts Abnormalities from Great Arteries Structural and Obstructive Lesions Systemic and also Pulmonary Venous Anomalies

Information about the Pediatric Cardiology Certification Exam

The American Board of Pediatrics administers the Pediatric Cardiology Initial Certification Exam as a subspecialty exam.

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As discussed in the ABP's Booklet of Indevelopment - A Guide to Board Certification in Pediatrics, subspecialty certifying examinations (other than sports medicine) are administered eexceptionally 2 years.

What topics are covered on the Pediatric Cardiology Certification Exam?

According to the Amerihave the right to Board of Pediatrics Pediatric Cardiology Content Rundown the exam adheres to the following topics:

Cardiovascular Structure, Development, and also Function (7%)Pharmacology (6%)Cardiovascular Examination, Principles, and Application of Cardiac Diagnostics (9%)Office-Based Cardiac Problems (7%)Left-to-Right Shunts (6%)Right-to-Left Shunts (6%)Single Ventricular Lesions (6%)Structural, Valvar, and Obstructive Lesions (6%)Congenital Abnormalities of the Great Arteries and Aorta (5%)Systemic and Pulmonary Venous Abnormalities and Situs Abnormalities (4%)Disorders of the Myocardium, Pericardium, Endocardium, and also Vasculature (4%)Heart Function and also Disease in the Fetus and also Newborn (5%)Intensive Care Management of Patients with Congenital Heart Disease (5%)Arrhythmias (6%)Acquired Forms of Cardiac Disease (4%)Genetic Disorders and also Syndromes of the Cardiovascular System (4%)Congenital Heart Disease in the Adolescent and also Adult (5%)Core Knowledge in Scholarly Activities (5%)

We’ve uncovered that tbelow is a solid correlation between the variety of exercise concerns and performance on the board exams. This correlation holds for Cardiology and the subspecialties. The Pediatric Cardiology question financial institution uses 350 highly reperceived and rated concerns particular to the Pediatric Cardiology certification.

How lengthy is the Pediatric Cardiology Certification Exam?

The exam is a half-day exam comprised of single finest answer, multiple-option questions

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