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This testimonial of Kyle Idleman’s Not a Fan comes a little little bit late. The book released practically two years earlier and also has actually sold over a half million duplicates. I have actually been interpretation to read it for some time, yet something else constantly seemed more immediate. However, with Idleman’s follow-up releasing in the following month–a book that is likely to hit the list of bestsellers prior to Not a Fan has actually fallen off–it appeared logical to read the first before the second.

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Not a Fan is a call to become a fully committed follower of Jesus. It is hardly alone in this category, this subgenre of Christian living or spiritual growth. Idleman’s unique angle is in concentrating on the difference in between fans and also followers. He looks at the Evangelical landscape and also sees that tright here are many civilization who are mere hangers-on, mere enthusiasts for Jesus. “It may seem that there are many type of followers of Jesus, however if they were honestly to specify the connection they have through him I am not sure it would be precise to describe them as followers. It seems to me that tright here is a more suitable word to explain them. They are not followers of Jesus. They are fans of Jesus.” In these circles Jesus is nearly indistinguishable from a celebrity with committed fans “that know all around him, yet they don’t recognize him.”



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Idleman wants more than this. He wants more than this for himself, for you, for me.

He shares many type of excellent insights right into contemporary Evangelicalism. “My problem is that many type of of our churches in America have gone from being sanctuaries to ending up being stadiums. And eexceptionally week all the fans involved the stadium wbelow they cheer for Jesus however have actually no interest in truly complying with him. The biggest danger to the church this day is fans who contact themselves Christians yet aren’t actually interested in adhering to Christ. They want to be close enough to Jesus to obtain all the benefits, however not so close that it needs anypoint from them.” There is no doubt that this is true. He pushes ago versus easy-believism, against the type of seeker friendliness that is all promise with no commitment. “Following by meaning needs more than psychological assent out, it calls for movement. One of the reasons our churches can become fan factories is that we have separated the message of ‘believe’ from the message ‘follow’.” Aget, this is extremely true, and refreshing to hear from a pastor that leads one of the a lot of mega of America’s megachurches; his Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, is the fifth biggest church in America with over 20,000 in attendance each weekend.

He calls on those who profess belief in Christ to diagnose the nature of their connection by asking these questions:

Have you determined for Jesus or have actually you committed to Jesus?Do you just understand about Jesus, or perform you really recognize him?Is Jesus one of many or is he your one and also only?Are you more concentrated on the exterior than the inside?Are you a self-empowered fan or a Spirit-filled follower?

These are beneficial concerns that can bring about an exact diagnosis. Tbelow are far too many type of church-goers who love only what Jesus does for them or exactly how Jesus renders them feel. The follower-fan distinction is a advantageous way of expertise the difference and gives a clear call to a clear commitment.

Still, I have actually a few pertains to through the book.

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While follower-fan is the book’s major metaphor, Idleguy additionally counts on words, phrases and principles concerned teenage romance. When he desires a Christian to understand whether he is a fan or follower, Idleman calls him to DTR, an acronym for “Define The Relationship.” That teenage feel persists throughout the book and is accompanied by rather a lot of puerile humor. Jokes abound, as perform recommendations to pop society. A little bit little of humor and a tiny bit of sarcasm would certainly be one thing, yet Idleman relies on it also a lot and also it grows tiresome. It becomes clear why the book has such appeal to a younger demographic.

As Idleman calls the reader to specify their connection through Jesus, he looks to the New Testament and to a number of stories of civilization whom he says needed to carry out that incredibly thing. But I think he pushes a tiny bit also tough to squeeze these stories right into his grid. It’s not that what he states is outideal wrong; fairly, he appears to miss out on the allude of these events from the life of Jesus and also to stretch them just a little little bit also much.

But my best worry is that Idleman describes the gospel as the gatemethod to the Christian life (which it is!) however not as the power and also the joy of the entire Christian life (which it is as well). Without this emphasis on the gospel as the extremely center of our commitment to God, the book slips right into being a call to commit to Jesus and also then to commit to attempt harder. The reality is that we will certainly all be fans at times, and only the gospel supplies us the deepest peace, forgiveness and impetus to carry on. Unfortunately Idleguy concentprices on the gospels so a lot, and also the epistles so bit, that he provides an unwell balanced and also infinish see of Christian living. The reader pertained to about his tendency to be a fan instead of a folreduced will certainly learn to evaluate himself by his fervor rather than the finished work of Jesus Christ. Robert Murray McCheyne wisely counseled Christians, “For eexceptionally one look at your sins, take ten looks at Christ.” A few of that wisdom would have gone a long means right here.

Not a Fan bears a clear resemblance to 2 various other current bestsellers: David Platt’s Radical and Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. Like these books, Not a Fan identifies our tendency toward complacency. Interestingly, it may additionally have actually anticipated their follow-ups: Follow Me and also Multiply, publications that look to the command to be a folreduced. These are popular and necessary themes in the church today, and for great factor. If Not a Fan was the only book in the genre, tright here may be factor to recommend it, yet as it stands, tbelow are various other authors who are saying equivalent points, however via clearer recommendation to the gospel. I would recommend Platt and also Chan’s books ahead of Idleman’s.