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Sheldon Horowitz - widowed, impatient, impertinent - has grudgingly agreed to leave New York and move in through his granddaughter, Rhea, and her brand-new husband, Lars, in Norway: a country of blue and ice via one thousand Jews, not among them a previous Marine sniper in the Korean War turned watch repairman, that failed his just kid by sfinishing him to Vietnam to die. Not until currently, anymeans.

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Home alone one morning, Sheldon witnesses a problem between the woguy that lives upstairs and an aggressive stranger. When events turn dire, Sheldon seizes and also shields the neighbor"s young son from the violence, and they flee the scene. But old age and also circumstances are altering Sheldon"s suffer of time and also memory. He is haunted by desires of his son Saul"s life and by guilt over his fatality. As Sheldon and the boy look for a haven in an alien people, reality and fantasy, previous and current, weave together, forcing them ever forward to a wrenching moment of reality.Norwegian by Night introduces an ensemble of unforgettable characters - Sheldon and the boy, Rhea and Lars, a Balkan battle criminal named Enver, and also Sigrid and Petter, the brilliantly dry-witted investigating police officers - as they chase one one more, and also their very own demons, with the wilderness at the end of the people.

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"Miller"s affecting an unexplained hybrid: part memory novel, component police procedural, component sociopolitical tract and also part existential meditation...First published in Norway, was worth the wait." - Kirkus "Both an interesting chase thriller and also a emotional story around a male who comes right into his very own aobtain in his dotage." - Library Journal"Starred Review. No brief plot outline can perform justice to a book that deserves to uncover a place on a few best-of-the-year lists. Sheldon is a brilliantly imagined character, a true mensch, made of Greatest Generation stuff... Miller joins the ranks of Stieg Larskid, Henning Mankell, and also Jo Nesbø, the holy trinity of Scandinavian crime novelists." - Booklist,br>"A literate, thoughtful and inexplicable thriller...Our image of Scandinathrough is among tolerance - Miller doesn't disagree through the picture, however Norwegian by Night uses a fascinating fictional exploration of the definition and also implementation of that tolerance." - The Times (UK)"Norwegian by Night has actually all the ingredients of a top-notch thriller, yet it"s the superb characterisation of the protagonist that fuels true suspense. Funny and also relocating and thoaround gripping, this is crime fiction of the highest order." - The Guardian"Norwegian by Night is not just a good title, it"s also a soulful, humane, and sparklingly funny novel. Spend some time through Sheldon and company in the Scandinavian wilderness and also you simply can make peace with your god, your ghosts, and also yourself." - Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story

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Cloggie Downunder

Funny, relocating, interesting and also thought-provoking Norwegian By Night is the initially novel by American-born author, Derek B. Miller. When 82-year-old Amerideserve to widower, Sheldon Horowitz goes to live with his granddaughter, Rhea and her Norwegian husband, Lars, in Olso, the last thing he expects is to uncover himself on the run from the police through a small boy in tow. But the ex-Maritime, experiencing dementia, according to Rhea, has actually experienced the murder of the boy’s mommy and also feels compelresulted in store the boy safe. He heads for the hills, unconscious that everyone else (Rhea and Lars, the police, the killer and also his gang) is headed tbelow also. Awarded the Crime Writer"s Association John Creasy Dagger Award for a dehowever crime novel in 2013, it is, indeed, a brilliant dehowever novel, but it is much, a lot even more than a crime novel. Miller has actually his characters opining on war criminals, ethnic cleansing, asylum law, immigration and integration, the treatment of Jews in Normeans in the time of World War Two and patriotism. The Korean War, drug trafficking, battle atrocities, photography, Naval training, Vietnam, the Balkan dispute, revenge, guilt and grief all attribute. Miller’s personalities have depth and appeal. Sheldon may be a cranky, argumentative old male however it is impossible not to choose him and his voice is clearly heard in the reader’s head. His conversations via both actual and imagined human being are complete of wit and also humour, some of it quite babsence. Rhea observes he have the right to “sound childish and demented but logical in its entirety.” so that “Tea. Nazi. Milkshake. Police. Are we clear?” have the right to make complete feeling to the reader. Miller achieves the perfect mix of serious and hilarious, relieving tense moments through laugh out-loud-dialogue. This novel has twists and turns, plenty of stress and also a nail-biting complete. This book is such a pleacertain to read that it presents a dilemma for readers that will discover themselves racing through it to understand the final outcome whilst at the exact same time, wishing for it not to end. One can only hope that Miller will certainly quickly endow the reading public through an additional work of this calibre. Funny, relocating, exciting and also thought-provoking.

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Derek B. Miller has operated on global tranquility and security for think tanks, diplomatic missions, and also the United Nations. His first novel, Norwegian by Night, was an Indies Choice Honor Publication, an Economist best book of 2013, and a winner of the Crime Writers" Association"s John Creasey Dagger Award. His second novel, The Girl in Eco-friendly, was published in 2017. Born and also raised in Boston, Miller has lived abroad for more than fifteen years, in Normethod, Switzerland, Britain, Israel, and Hungary. He now lives in Oslo, Normethod, via his wife and two youngsters.

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