Non latex non spermicidal condoms

If you're like me, you're allergic tofreakingeverything. Makes feeling that there would be a non-lubricated, non-latex condom alternative, right? Wrong, tright here isn't.

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We gain this question a lot even more regularly than you'd think, and the thing is no one presently makes a non-lubricated, non-latex condom. Why? Well, it's probably simply an worry of ignorance and also low demand.

The Need For Non-Lubricated, Non-Latex Condoms

Up until freshly, those that had actually latex allergies had actually very few alternatives. While latex was developed in the 1920s, polyurethane, the alternative to lambskin which doesn't safeguard against STDs, wasn't approximately right into the 1990s-- 70 years later! So, if you had a reactivity as soon as touching latex, if you discovered that your only various other option was lambskin which didn't defend against STDs and also were more expensive... just how likely were you to go out and buy condoms?


The other difficulty was ignorance. I remember incredibly clearly that polyurethane prophylactics, likeTrojan's BareSkin Supra, were never before discussed in my sex-ed class. I remember because I have allergies and I wanted to recognize what my choices were-- and also lambskin prophylactics, likeTrojan's NaturaLambwere the just point ever before mentioned. It lead me to believe that polyurethane condoms were a brand-new creation when I ultimately found them-- but no, they've been about considering that I was a toddler (polyisoprene condoms likeLifeformats SKYN, on the various other hand also, are much even more recent).

But, in recent years, the non-latex condom industry has actually progressively been prospering. Not just for people with allergies yet for human being that desire something that's more biologically safe for the environment (just lambskin prophylactics are biodegradable), somepoint that feels softer, and somepoint that doesn't smell favor a tire shop.

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Non Lubricated, Non-Latex Alternatives

If you're stuck in this icky situation, my best advice for you for vaginal and anal sex is theFC2-- additionally well-known as the female condom. Don't be fooled by its name. It deserve to be used by either gender for penetrative sex. It might not be FDA-apshowed for anal sex, butno condomis currently. Learnexactly how to usage a female condom.


The FC2 does come via a silicone-lube. However, that lube can be waburned off and also wiped amethod without damaging the integrity of the condom. Because it's so difficult to put on a male condom once it's unrolled, the FC2 has to be unrolled anymethod to be inserted, so unrolling it and also washing it isn't a problem. It isn't a perfect resolve, however it'll do till there's somepoint better out there.


For dental on someone through a vulva, take into consideration making use of either saran wrap (the non-microwaveable kind!) or a nitrile glove (notPVC). For the glove, simply cut the thumb off and then lay it over the vulva favor a dental dam, choose these byLixx. You may need to hold it in location, yet it have to carry out the very same protection as a dental dam and also continue to be simply as safe. If you recognize of aflavored lubethat you're not allergic to, you can also use it safely with either the nitrile glove or saran wrap.

For dental on someone through a penis, they presently don't make flavorednon-latex condomsand also some prophylactics have actually lubricant on the inside and the external. You can attempt wrapping the penis in non-microwaveable saran wrap or making use of a nitrile glove, yet there might be a difficulty encertain that it's been wrapped all the way around and isn't shifting. You might need to hold it in location.

To a person via allergies, having actually entirely allergen-cost-free condoms seems prefer a no-brainer. We have non-lubricated prophylactics. We have actually non-latex condoms.So why aren't we combining them?