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I think we have the right to all agree that a pair of false lashes can immediately level up your look. And it doesn’t matter what kind of lash style either—whether it’s wispy, curly, or brief and also sweet, they’ll take your makeup look from basic to bomb. Knowing this, we need to acknowledge that while falsies are the star of the present, it’s the eyelash glue behind the scenes that keeps it all together.

While not all eyelash glues are produced equal, they all pretty much have actually the same energetic ingredient. According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, false eyelash glues are mainly making use of acrylate copolymers, which provides the product its tackiness.

Tright here are a selection of reliable options that’ll not just keep your lashes in place yet carry out extra benefits as well. “When picking an eyelash glue, remember to pick one that works finest for your skill level,” says Nydia Figueroa, a celebrity makeup artist. Whether it’s a squeeze tube or brush-on formula, Nydia assures that through a little time and patience, you’ll be mastering a beautiful eyelash application in no time.

From natural formulregarding lengthy wear, these are the finest eyelash glues to pair with your favorite falsies.


“Duo Adhesive Glue has been a staple in the makeup sector for years,” raves Figueroa. It’s latex and formaldehyde-totally free and also dries easily and also clear. It’s additionally excellent for beginners and also pros aprefer many thanks to the brush-on function. The best part? It can organize together an ultra-thick pair of lashes or lightweight feather lashes—it doesn’t discriminate.


A total classic, this lash glue was the initially adhesive I’d ever used. It’s affordable, solid, and mess-free—basically, it checks all the boxes. When using, I commonly prefer to dispense a tiny dot of glue and run the lash band alengthy it. However before, one reviewer argues utilizing a toothpick (genius!) to distribute the glue along the lash band if you want a thinner consistency.


Infoffered via green tea and also bamboo, this botanical-based formula adheres with ease. Users recommend using a thin line at the base of your falsies as this glue have the right to be rather strong if also much is used. If you’re searching for a bit more adhesion, you deserve to apply extra glue to the inner and also external corners so the lashes seal on tight.

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Best Clear:House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive


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If you’re trying to find a strong glue that sticks via crying, a hard workout, or an energetic workday, this is the glue for you. It comes in a handy bottle with a brush for significant precision—and also it’s also latex-totally free for those allergic to latex and those who wear contacts. Reviewers rave that it doesn’t budge for hours—at all. That’s a win in our book.


Tinted adhesives are good for so many type of factors. They’re perfect for as soon as you don’t have actually time to wait for your glue to dry clear and also they also provide the illusion of wearing eyeliner, which helps make your eyes pop a little even more. Reviewers love that while it holds lashes on tight, it’s additionally basic to rerelocate via an oil-based makeup remover.

You won’t discover latex or formaldehyde in this sensitive skin-friendly formula. Reviewers prefer the thin brush, which provides it easy to swipe on an also line without any kind of runniness or goopiness. Give the formula around 20-30 secs to gain tacky, then use it onto the lash line.

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Best Multi-Tasker:Camara Adistinctive Beauty Strength Liner

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With this eyelash glue, there’s no require for an added liner. A glue and liner in one, this felt-reminder pen glides on the lid smoothly. Sindicate use the liner to the base of your lash line and also press the band of your falsies best on top. It’s likewise free of latex, sulfates, and parabens.

Have the patience and ability to apply individual lashes? We salute you! And we recommend you usage this ultra-strong glue that not just keeps each lash in area but also doesn’t feel clumpy as soon as used. However before, tbelow is a stipulation: this glue dries insanely quick. Like really, really quick. So as soon as you begin the application, you’ll need to breeze via pretty conveniently.

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Are you a lash newbie? Don’t worry—we gained you. The best-seller is popular for a reason—it’s unintimidating, includes a brush, and also doesn’t have an odor. The a lot of outstanding part? Users report that the glue lasts also if your eyes tend to water during application.

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Best for Professionals:Forabeli Elite Eyelash Exanxiety Glue

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Raved about by lash professionals, this eyelash glue is the actual deal. With a drying time of one second, it’s appropriate for individuals through comprehensive experience in lash application. But all the effort and time is worth it—your falsies might last approximately seven weeks via this formula.

A lash adhesive that’s actually good for your lashes? You’ll want to attempt this one. Infprovided with ingredients prefer chamomile extract and biotin, this formula helps to stimulate natural hair development all while holding your falsies on tight.

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Best Long-Wearing:Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive

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With an exceptional 24-hour organize modern technology, you’ll be sporting your favorite lashes for hrs upon hours. “This lash glue has absolutely no chemicals and is ideal for sensitive skin,” adds Figueroa. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-complimentary.

Final Verdict

Our all-time favorite lash glue is the Duo Brush-On Lash Adhesive many thanks to its cult-complying with formula and ease of use. A close second and third goes to the long-wearing and safe-for-sensitive-skin Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Lash Adhesive and the all-herbal True Glue ORIGINAL All Natural Lash Adhesive.

Oh, and if you take place to gain some of this glue in your eye, don"t tension it. According to King, if it gets in the eye accidentally, rinse off with copious water and also you have to be simply ine,

What to Look For in an Eyelash Glue


Depending on your preference, various kinds of packaging can make or break your application. There’s the conventional squeeze bottle via the little nozzle at the finish, which is excellent for beginners and intermediates afavor. It’s basic to organize and also distribute adhesive. There’s also a brush-on version, which is ideal for beginners as it’s extremely user-friendly and enables for less mess.


Eyelash glues frequently come in 2 shades—white or babsence. While it uses white, white adhesives will certainly dry to a clear end up in a couple of minutes. At times, it may take longer depending upon the amount of glue you’ve offered. Babsence is commonly what makeup artists gravitate to as it applies black and is virtually undetectable on normally darker eyelashes.


One thing a user must look out for before grabbing any type of random eyelash glue is what they’re allergic to. Some formulas encompass latex, formaldehyde, and acylates, which deserve to cause allergic reactions, so it’s important to check out the ingredient list very closely. If you tfinish to be incredibly sensitive, an all-organic eyelash glue might be the right fit for you.

How carry out I use false eyelashes through eyelash glue?

“The ideal means to apply eyelash glue is by placing the glue on the band of the lashes and letting it gain tacky before using,” claims Figueroa. You also desire to make certain the lashes are as cshed as feasible to the top of your lash line. Once you apply the lashes, flip the lashes upwards and blfinish via mascara to produce a lash curl impact.

How perform I rerelocate them?

To remove eyelash glue, loosen up the glue initially through a waterproof makeup remover. You have the right to carry out this by saturating a Q-reminder through makeup remover and gliding it throughout the lash band. The lash need to slide off through ease without damaging your genuine lashes. If you discover that the lash glue is a bit stubborn, attempt saturating a cotton pad through makeup remover and gently pressing it onto your eye, which coats the lash and also lash band for a couple of seconds. Still some glue residue on your actual lashes? Figueroa recommends wetting a spooly brush via some makeup remover and brushing your lashes to remove the remainder.

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