No Module Named Discord Python



Get in the terminal and also use: pip uninstall wait a few secs so it have the right to completely delete it, and also then usage pip install Should work


Maybe it"s the Python version problem.

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When I tried running in python3.8 I obtained the same error. Switched over to 3.6 and it functioned.



I imagine that your venv in pycdamage and your environment in the command also prompt have various packperiods mounted. If the error is the regime not running at command prompt attempt opening a command prompt and running pip install discord (pip have to be in your PATH) to install it to your primary python magazine. You"ll alert that in PyCdamage if you open up the terminal tab it says

(venv) C:YourFileStructure

via "(venv)" interpretation a digital setting is loaded here that have the right to have packages mounted to it without altering your major installation on your COMPUTER (normally situated at C:Program FilesPython 3.5). In order to run scripts from the command line, yet, you will require the package to be installed in your primary python magazine which pip install discord will certainly attain.

Make sure your file name its diferent the module you"re trying to import ( in your case)If its not the case,you can attempt pip install discord --force-reinstall. It may fix your problem

So, I encountered the same worry. I tried every little thing discussed above but nopoint worked. It transforms out that my filename was This was the thing bring about the actual trouble. So, you shall also examine your filename. I believe it indicates to other packperiods as well. So

Never before usage package names for your file.

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