Nasty galaxy book review

Preface: This is going to be a biased testimonial, as all reviews are. Tbelow are additionally spoilers, prefer all reviews have.

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Nasty Galaxy represents limitless possibility --- a location in time and room wright here anything have the right to happen.”

Nasty Galaxy is not simply a book. This is a carefully curated selection of quotes, inspirational woguys, images, and also music. It’s a window right into Sophia Amoruso’s preferences, style, and duty models. #Girlboss was the book that told her story, the one that we all check out to get to know what was really behind the fashion powerhome of Nasty Gal. It regaled us with tales of just how she thrived up, of just how Nasty Gal became the brand and also Sophia the womale they are now. Nasty Galaxy is the universe which incorporates the world of a #Girlboss. It’s a book of catalyst in many type of various forms. To me, Nasty Galaxy is a work-related of art, yet in Sophia’s very own words, “Nasty Galaxy represents unlimited opportunity --- a place in time and also area where anything have the right to take place.”


In the introduction, Sophia talks about exactly how she never before wanted to offer us a style hands-on, yet that’s simply what this is. It’s a theoretical guide to Sophia’s style. Let me clarify, this is not a poor point, it’s actually everything I can have hoped for. Sophia claims that this book was made, “to trace the impacts of both myself, of Nasty Gal, and of #Girlboss, and also to serve it all up in a stream of consciousness realness, not unlike your instagram feed. It’s a deep dive into my brain and my house.” With the square book design containing such powerful and also startling imagery and also full-web page quotes, Nasty Galaxy conveniently achieves her desired results.

““Nasty Gal isn’t simply a apparel brand also, and Girlboss isn’t just a meme that represents womales stepping right into and owning their power. Similar to in the Nasty Galaxy, there’s no specifying line or occasion horizon.”” — Sophia Amoruso

Sophia’s musical impacts are front and center in Nasty Galaxy. Music has actually played such a heavy function in her life (if you’ve read any of her interviews or either of her two books, you recognize this) that it directs the style, tone, and also acts as a overview for Nasty Galaxy as a whole. Each new chapter is introduced via a particular artist and also album, lfinishing an impression about what the chapter will organize. Though Sohpia’s music taste is eclectic, as viewed via her chapter titles and Bad Bitches of Music, I would certainly have actually been disappointed if she didn’t provide us through some musical guidance. Along with some prominent standards favor David Bowie, Betty Davis, and also Patti Smith, Sophia enlightened me on some artists that I have to know and also be listening to (give thanks to you! Insert prayer emoji here), choose The Cramps.

Sophia recommends watching the over video. The Cramps perdeveloping live at Napa State Mental Hospital.","source":"

Sophia recommends watching the above video. The Cramps percreating live at Napa State Mental Hospital.

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Sophia recommends watching the over video. The Cramps percreating live at Napa State Mental Hospital.

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In the peras of Nasty Galaxy, we gain to see simply just how full of love Sophia’s life is. She surrounds herself with people, points, and occupational that she loves. She has a pair of peras “On Love” in her book, wbelow she has actually an extremely dvery own to earth watch of what love is. In her words, “Real love, is marked by affection, and also companionship, respect, and many of all, a common vision.” This is what we obtain to watch when we take a peek right into the residence Sophia shares via her husband Joel and also their three poodles, Cosi, Gino, and also Donna Summer. They married 2014 and also have simply renovated their LA residence. Sophia’s home, her place of peace, is just as a lot a reflection of her style as this book or Nasty Gal is. Letting us peek right into her exclusive area, is a really breakable thing to carry out, and also I am so glad she did. We get check out exactly how her travels, love of thrifting, and also friends have affected the making of her and her home area.


In addition to imperiods of Sophia’s belongings, abode and wardrobe, eextremely few peras there are notes scribbled in what we can only assume to be Sophia’s handcomposing. This adds an intimacy that provides Nasty Galaxy unique from every other style guide you’ve ever viewed. Intentionally raw, these notes make me feel choose she was creating them just for me, a tiny tidlittle of details that I might like to understand. And yes, I perform desire to know. Sophia likewise writes essays from the heart and reflects us that she isn’t always superwoguy. On a area about confidence, Sophia keeps it genuine by informing us that she too has bad days wright here she feels favor a loser. She also let’s us recognize her thoughts on revenge, and also I quote, “Tit for tat is not the tits.”

““Invest in yourself and the human being, points, and concepts you care about. If you’re doing that, you’re doing the appropriate point. Get attached. Stay attached. Just don’t forget to store evolving.”” — Sophia Amoruso

In it’s whole, Nasty Galaxy is a celebration of women. With lists and also lists of women who have actually inspired Sophia, together with interviews via those she deems Girlbosses (“Someone in regulate of her own narrative, who renders the difficult feasible and who pays it forward to other womales eextremely chance she gets,” according to Audrey Gelman), the recipients of the Girlboss Foundation’s award (Roseli Ilano and also Deena Drewis), and also random quotes scattered throughout the book, Nasty Galaxy is a girl power anthem if I ever before saw one, and Sophia knows it. She says, “I’ve been overly commemorated because I’m a girl…The day that achievements favor mine are no longer headline news is a day I hope I’m alive.” Sohpia is influenced by the woguys in these pperiods, favor Courtney Love, Audrey Gelman, and also Eleanor Roosevelt, and also has favored to share their stories in the pperiods of Nasty Galaxy along with her own.

Nasty Galaxy ends via a perfectly placed quote by David Bowie. “I don’t recognize wright here I’m going from right here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” I can’t wait to see what Sophia does following.


Here is a list of my favorite points about Nasty Galaxy.

The pages for “On Being Wrong” and “On Being Right”. Even her page architecture is clever!

Sophia’s formula for humility: “confidence + self-doubt + capcapability + self reflection = humility”

The advice from Girlbosses Sophia interviewed, choose this quote from Girlboss Foundation award winner Roseli Ilano, “Take time day-to-day to look in the mirror and also identify your power, creativity, and also talent.”

Sophia’s trick to taking an enigma poop (put some toilet paper in prior to you poo!)

My only complaint? I’m going to have to lint-roll the cover to keep it pristine.