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Medical Assisting Review: Passing the CMA & RMA Exams, 2nd edition covers instance inquiries for both types of certification exams. This reference prepares students to take the CMA or RMA exam with easy-to-check out necessary material summaries that highlight crucial areas of the significant clinical and administrative components of a Medical Assistant"s regime. Each of the 22 chapters consists of a series of 20 to 30 multiple choice quiz inquiries and also a concise outline... Read Full Overview

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I am currently a student of Dr. Moini, and I bought this book while taking his Anatomy I class. I have continued to use it throughout the remainder of my Anatomy classes, and also it is still very beneficial. This book is extremely helpful; it renders discovering even the most facility things simple. Dr. Moini's book has actually been an inuseful resource to me so much, and also I am certain that it will be just as useful while reviewing for the CMA exam. I very recommend this book - it's a great method to study!
This book is a must have actually for all MA students. It helps not just via the CMA exam but as a examine guide for all classes. It is clear, well organzied and covers all the important indevelopment. Thanks so much!

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Being prepared indicates knowing what to intend, and knowing what to intend allows you to have an advantage over those that are not all set. Dr. Moini's Medical Assisting Rewatch book provides clinical assisting students an advantage by mentioning exactly what to intend on the CMA and also RMA Exams. The book covers all aspects of medical assisting in an organized and also simple to understand also method. The thing around this book I LOVE the many is that it is not filled through useless or unimportant indevelopment. Dr. Moini outlines just the information that is needed to understand in order to pass the CMA or RMA Exam. Not just is this book an excellent preparatory tool for the actual exam, yet it serves as a terrific evaluation for the clinical assistant regimen as well! As a medical assisting student, I use this book to assist me better understand and also review my existing curriculum. If you are searching for a clear and concise book to help you via your clinical assisting program, then this is the book for you! It is the best preparation to develop comfort and confidence as a Medical Assistant. This Medical Assisting Review book is one that I will certainly usage as a referral overview now, as well as throughout my entire career as a Medical Assistant! Thanks Dr. Moini!
This book is a good tool for the student examining to become a Medical Assistant. The information is simple to follow and understand. The CD ROM that accompanies this book is likewise great to aid prepare for the CMA Exam. Overall, I would certainly recommfinish this book to all MA students.
Pure excellence. This book is a must if you desire to learn and also to pass the exams. Thank You Dr. Moini.