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You watching: Match the vocabulary words with the appropriate definitions combines the world"s smartest dictionary via an adaptive finding out game that will have you mastering brand-new words in no time.

Don’t just memorize. Achieve mastery.

Ditch the flash cards and also speak memorizing definitions. teaches you words by systematically exposing you to a wide array of question kinds and also tasks that will certainly aid you understand also all the definitions and also nuances of eincredibly word you’re learning.

Even after you’ve completed mastery, we’ll proceed to reinforce what you have learned to make certain that it all remains fresh in your memory.

Get the lowdown on every word.

Look up a word in our dictionary — you’ll check out a friendly explanation that you"ll actually remember. It’s as if your favorite teacher were explaining the word to you.

Clever consumption tips and real-world examples display you how words live in the wild so you’ll be even more confident utilizing them yourself.

See a word you’d like to know better? Click "Find Out this Word" and also add it to your learning routine.

Start playing.

We’ll acquire to know you.

As you play, we figure out which words you recognize and also which ones you need a little assist through. We keep practicing through you till you master the tough ones.

Let us know which words you desire to emphasis on, and also we’ll prioritize those.

As your grows, grows with you. is a platdevelop for lifelong discovering, thriving with you eextremely action of the way. As you enhance, the words that you learn will certainly become even more and also more advanced. And, via our easy-to-use progress-surveillance tools, you have the right to always look ago to see just how much you’ve come.

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Whether you’re studying to ace tomorrow’s quiz, prepping for the SAT, or looking to sheight and also write more eloquently, deserve to assist.

I took the PSAT on Wednesday and also the section was a breeze. Keep doing what you perform, your website has actually assisted me so much! High School Student, Lewistown, PA


Give your students the ability to attack the messages they enrespond to in the classroom, and also the gift of a thatwill certainly open up doors for a life time. Find Out even more. is everything that I’ve always wanted: it engeras my students, it is dynamic, it leads to knowledge by explaining word interpretations, it champions retention by constantly revisiting words, and also, probably a lot of importantly, it’s fun. Middle School Teacher, Rochester, NY


You don’t need to be in institution to use Millions of people play, learn brand-new words, and complete on our leaderboards simply for fun.

It’s time to ditch Candy Crush for something that renders you sound smarter instead of dumber.Rapid Company Magazine

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It’s a scientific research. may seem easy on the exterior, yet behind the scenes we’re utilizing sophisticated algorithms to aid you learn over 15,000 words more efficiently.

How? We begin via our massive pool of over 234,000 inquiries. Then, we usage the science of finding out to version exactly how you learn (and also forget) brand-new words.

By comparing your answers to the numerous millions of answers provided by various other customers, we personalize your finding out suffer and also choose the best question for you at simply the best time.


It’s a game.

Sure, there’s many science and innovation muscle behind our mechanism, yet broadening your doesn’t need to be a brain-buster.

We’ve turned learning right into an addictive game. Accumulate points, accomplishments, and badges while competing against your friends, your classmates, or other members of the area. You may not also alert that you’re finding out alengthy the way.

Learn the words you’ll have to understand.

You pick...

Studying for an exam prefer the SAT, GRE, or TOEFL? We have actually over 50,000 ready-to-learn lists — every little thing from standardized tests to timeless literary works, breaking news — you name it.

Just desire to ace tomorrow’s quiz? Create your very own list of words to research. lists are straightforward to make, share, and learn.

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Or, let us select...

Don’t have a particular list in mind? Let our adaptive learning system find the best words for you.

Play a couple of questions and we’ll zero in on crucial academic words that are proper for your level. Once we get to recognize you, we won’t waste your time on words that are also easy or also hard.

Either method, you’ll boost.

Like a great coach, won’t offer up on you. Whether you pick the words or let us uncover them for you, we’ll occupational through you until you’ve mastered them.

And even after you’ve completed mastery, we’ll continue to reinpressure what you have learned to make certain that it all remains fresh in your memory.

Your complies with you almost everywhere.

We’re through you on any tool.It doesn’t matter what you’re using: functions on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

It’s all associated.Your development will seamlessly bring over if you switch from one device to another.

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See your students finding out.

Learn a better method to teach

What are you doing to systematically boost your students’

With, your students individually learn the words they must recognize for deeper analysis, clearer composing, and sharper thinking. Your Teacher Dashboard offers you via the helpful insights you have to taracquire your instruction towards the ideas that require more teaching, and the students that require even more assistance.

Discover around our premium subscription

Discover around our premium subscription

Why use

We teach you valuable words.

We don’t waste your time. We begin by looking at publications, periodicals, and various other material that cumulatively contain over 3.5 billion words (and also growing). From this corpus, we pull out the the majority of vital English words, the words that you should succeed in an scholastic or business atmosphere. This evaluation serves as the basis for our learning platcreate.

We teach you just the words that you have trouble through. offers a proprietary technology that we contact Adaptive Instruction (AVI). Unprefer standard finding out systems, we don’t rely on a series of time-consuming and boring assessments. Instead, whatever you execute on the site adds to our AVI version. It’s choose you have actually a personal trainer in the room, surveillance your job-related and suggesting brand-new words and exercises to obstacle you on your level. As such, you don’t waste your time learning words that are also easy or too tough.

We don’t let you foracquire.

Finally, we analyze your accomplishments, and reinpressure your abilities by reintroducing words at miscellaneous times to make sure that you are retaining the words you originally learned.


A Whole Lot of Learning

At the heart of is the more than 234,000 inquiries that we designed to evaluate and also teach words. Each question tests a specific definition of a word, offers helpful ideas, and is followed by an explacountry of the correct answer. Many research studies have presented that the best method to learn is with multiple exposures to a word, with challenging inquiries that make you think. That’s what we carry out.


It"s Like a Personal Trainer for Your Brain

We usage our very own adaptive discovering device to ensure that you acquire the best question at the right time. We develop a design of your and abilities as you answer each question, and then serve you up through concerns that are not too difficult and also not too simple. From the outcomes of these questions, we determine what words to emphasis on in your personalized learning regimen.


A Personalized List of Words Just for You

As you answer concerns, we begin to compile a list of words to learn. If you gain a question wrong or pick to use a hint, the word is added to the list. Once we include a word to this list, we save working with you until you’ve mastered that word. You have the right to view your list by visiting the My Progress / Words I"m Learning section.


Hints and also Explacountries Aid You Learn

If you’re having trouble through a question, we will occasionally administer a hint to assist you alengthy. Depending on the word, you deserve to use your hint to get rid of a choice, to check out sentence examples, or to view definitions of the word. If you get a question wrong, we administer you with a friendly description of the word. Read it! It’s designed to aid you remember the word.


A Path to Mastery

If you answer sufficient questions appropriately on a word that you’re learning, you’ve mastered it. You can see the progress on among the words you’re learning in the little bar graph alongside the word. Once you’ve mastered a word, the bar transforms gold.

Four Inquiry Categories

On the top appropriate hand corner of each question is a question category and a suggest value. Tright here are four question categories:

Assessment These inquiries have the right to be around any kind of word and also are chosen based on how you’ve done on all previous questions. (100 points without a hint, 50 points with a hint)Rewatch If you get a question wrong or ask for a hint, we’ll offer it to you again as a evaluation question. (75 points)Progress Once a word has been included to the list of words you’re finding out, we’ll continue to ask you new Progress inquiries around it until you’ve mastered the word. (100 points)Mastery Rewatch Even after you’ve mastered a word, we still examine up on you every once in a while through a Mastery Rewatch question.(100 points)

Earn Points and Achievements

As you answer concerns appropriately and also learn words, you earn points. And as you earn even more points, you are assigned a badge that represents your level. You start as a “novice,” and then as you hit different suggest objectives, you’ll earn new badges.

You can also earn added badges based on miscellaneous accomplishments, such as answering 5 questions properly in a row, or acing a round. Click on My Progress to see a list of available accomplishments and also levels.


Chart Your Progress

You deserve to uncover out even more around how you’re doing by visiting the My Progress section. From tbelow you’ll view charts on as a whole progression, and also progression on any type of individual word.

The Dictionary


Easy-to-Read Definitions through a Little Bit of Attitude

We made an exhaustive evaluation of the dictionaries out tright here, and we concerned a not-so-startling conclusion. Current dictionary interpretations deserve to be difficult to understand also and not much fun to check out. This is fine if you’re looking up a word for reference, however if you’re actually trying to learn just how a word is used in the real people and also to make it part of your, the typical dictionary interpretation is not going to execute it.

Our dictionary is various. Many words include a short blurb that explains what the word suggests and just how the word is used. These blurbs are simple to understand also and fun to read. If there’s an entertaining story around the word, we incorporate it. If the word deserve to be confused via an additional, we include that indevelopment as well. The point is to help you learn and also remember the words you look up without having actually to look it up a hundred times.


Predictive Magic

Our search box is smart. So smart that it predicts what you’re looking up as you kind. Try it. You’ll see that as you type, we’re making our ideal guess regarding what word you’re searching for. If you watch your word in among the first 5 choices, you have the right to click on it to view the word web page, or if your word is number one, we’ll select it for you.


Ever confusage affect and effect? flair and also flare?

We’ll aid you out. For all the a lot of confusing English words, we’ve gave articles that define the difference. So if you look up influence, you’ll see both a short blurb describing the word and a longer conversation of how it differs from result.


Over 175 Million Sentence Examples

Each word has consumption examples from our corpus of over 175 million sentences. You’ll check out how words are supplied in edited language by some of the finest writers in the people, from periodicals such as The New York Times, Scientific Amerideserve to, and from good works of fiction by writers as varied as T. S. Elliot and Upton Sinclair. Seeing a word in conmessage is a great way to understand also how it’s offered in the wild.


Learn the Words You Need to Kcurrently with Lists

One of the best features of is that you have the right to conveniently make and also share lists. Create a List quickly from assigned words, grab words from any type of text, or generate a list from the Cutting edge Search. Then, you can grasp all the words on your list, or practice them for an upcoming quiz. You can also quickly add notes and also instance sentences to your words so that you can jog your memory and also view them in conmessage while your are discovering.


Share the Wealth, Share your Words

By making your lists public, you have the right to share them with your friends and also colleagues. People deserve to favorite them, and also even usage them as the basis for a brand-new list.


If You Really Love Words, Check Out Our Blog.

The Blog features write-ups around language and also the creative procedure composed by a super talented group of authors, linguists, and also various other word mavens. You’ll uncover short articles around new words being used in the news, discussions about grammar, and also research study right into exactly how dictionaries are put together.

It’s More than a Blog; It’s a Community

The civilization who review our blog also get involved through post suggestions. By reading, you are joining a community passionate about words, language and creative thinking.