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Overall Summary

The Lords of Discipline, a novel by Pat Conroy that was publimelted in 1980, depicts four years at an all-male military college. The book starts with the protagonist explaining to the reader his reasons for composing about the Institute (his alma mater). He does not intfinish to connect in rose-tinted nostalgia however quite present his blended feelings about this complex and also corrupt school that made him a guy.

In the initially component, titled “The Cadre,” we are presented to a armed forces college in Charleston, South Carolina. The main character is Will, that has survived his freshguy year and also is now a senior at the college. He’s been chosen to deal with the freshmen on honor and integrity. Pearce, the only black student at this military college (the Institute), was placed via him by administrators bereason they feared that he would certainly be subject to racist violence.

Will’s roommates return to campus and also Will goes to a party at Tradd St. Croix’s house, wright here he meets Annie Kate Gervais, who is pregnant but doesn’t want anyone in Charleston society to understand about it.

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Will is able to develop a partnership with Pearce, yet the year takes a dark revolve as soon as Poteete has a nervous breakdvery own. He attempts self-destruction by jumping off of an Institute structure, however falls short. After this attempt he hangs himself and also his words around being taken to a mysterious house proceed to haunt Will.

In the second area of the novel, Will flashes ago to his time at West Point. He was recruited by a university on scholarship and was presented to armed forces training within minutes of arriving on campus. The upperclassmales beat him up and also he did not take naturally to armed forces training. Because a lot of students were from affluent households, they had an benefit over him because they came from well-bred backgrounds. His background is different as he is Irish Catholic through few means; while others are Protestant and come from moneyed family members. However, he still manperiods to make it through Hell Night, a institution heritage in which plebes (first year cadets) are terrorized and bconsumed for supposedly being weak candidays who need to be propelled out of the academy. This leads him into friendships via Trinclude, whose effete ways make him somepoint of an outsider favor Will; Pig and also Mark—two Northerners that stand out for their honesty and also good humor; in addition to other friends that will help them via challenging times later in life as soon as they have actually currently been embraced right into West Point Academy.


The novel jumps earlier to Will’s senior year, once he and also Annie Kate become intimate. Throughout his final semesters at the Institute, Will feels a bond via his classmates as they get their rings, and also plays a triumphant basketsphere game versus VMI. However, after the game, he discovers that Pearce has been targeted by The Ten.

In the last area, Conroy retransforms to Will’s relationship via Annie Kate. At a gathering of Charleston’s elite and Institute cadets, Annie Kate calls him saying she is having actually her baby. He rushes over to aid yet the baby is stillborn; after this harrowing occasion, Annie Kate cuts off all call via Will.

Will is coming to be more suspicious of The Ten, believing that they are now a risk to Pearce. He contacts an old roommate who dropped out in plebe year, Bobby Bentley, who recounts that The Ten dooffered him in gasoline and endangered to ignite him if he didn’t leave the Institute. Bobby names one of his attackers as Dan Molligen. Mark, Will and also Pig kidnap Molligen and also threaten him till he agrees to tell them about The Ten. He reveals that the group offers General Durrell’s residence for their torture sessions. Will goes ago right into institution and finds that Pearce is lacking. He goes to General Durrell’s residence and finds Pearce tied up with various other cadets electrocuting him while receiving orders from someone on the phone telling them as soon as not to shock Pearce anymore bereason someone has come trying to find him (Will). With assist from Mark and Pig, Will fights off members of The Ten however not before a number of explosions occur at various parts of the college which forces everyone external wbelow they are met by police cars which take everyone amethod consisting of Will and Pearce; presumably arresting them all due to the chaos caused by these explosions at West Point Academy.