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Freddie Noe’s latest experimental Little Book series is here through Chapter Four: Lessons Honored. There’s nopoint metaphorical around this title, it’s the younger Noe’s distilling timeline in a glass. It’s likewise a tribute: all the choices point to Noe’s relationship with the guy who taught him.

Chapter Four blends four-year-old Kentucky right brvery own rice bourbon, an eight-year-old Kentucky straight high rye whisessential, and a seven-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whisvital.

The brvery own rice bourbon represents Noe’s first solo distillation, and provides up a majority of the blfinish. Rice has a long ferment – two or three weeks, as compared to a typical Kentucky whisvital ferment of three days. Of his dad, Fred Noe, Freddie claims, “He taught me… to know once to slow dvery own and be patient.” Maybe having actually your first job be rice bourbon was component of that training. Maybe, offered the timeline, this is that bourbon.

Adding high rye whiskey brings in echos of Freddie and Fred’s first commemorative release, 2017’s Booker’s Rye. About 65% rye, it’s better than any type of Beam whiskey since that 2017 one-of-a-kind edition. The final component, seven-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whisvital, is a younger, cask stamina version of Knob Creek, Fred Noe’s favorite flavor profile. The story goes that the elder Noe was tasting with a collection of seven-to-nine-year-old Knob Creek samples and also this liquid was his favorite. 

Like all the Little Book releases, Chapter Four is unreduced, unfiltered, and also bears Booker Noe’s nickname for Freddie.

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Little Book Chapter 4 “Lessons Honored” (photo by means of Beam-Suntory)

Tasting Notes: Little Publication Chapter 4 “Lessons Honored”

Vital Stats: Clocking in at 122.8 proof, Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored is a blend of 3 American whissecrets as in-depth above. Find it nationwide in limited quantities for about $125 for 750mL.

Appearance: This whisvital is a very clear, medium copper that coats the glass and also creates slow-moving, thick tears.

Nose: The nose is savory; a little saline, a little bit restrained. Orange peel and also applewood come via, with whiffs of caramel apple, ripe peach and also cinnamon: a very early harvest season vibe.

Palate: The affluent proof finds it aggressively spicy on the palate, with allspice and also black pepper. The fruitiness of the nose retransforms on the mid palate. A lingering finish circles ago to savory, distinctly mushroom and parmesan rind.

The Takeaway


It"s interesting, Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored. I acquire the totality "unreduced, unfiltered" but it works better via a little less warmth, a small more nuance. The end up was the the majority of compelling part. Overall this whisvital appeared much less than the sum of its parts, dispaprice pieces knocking roughly together.