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Update 9.28.18: We have actually a brand-new high scorer…and it isn’t me! Reader “Onihi” scored a whopping 562, besting my 549! And, it simply goes to display that tbelow is no one “right” way to chase a high score, as their tips market a finish opposite strategy than my suggestions. Check them out below. Also, be sure to examine out the videos dvery own at the finish of my 549-allude round, along with an annotated walkwith of a freshly completed 474-suggest game to assist follow in addition to my strategy—enjoy!

At first, I felt a small weird placing this short article together.

But then it hit me…one factor I gain Words via Friends so a lot is that I’m both a writer, and very competitive.

So, while this website is dedicated to helping beginners discover freelance tasks virtual, tbelow is always the need for balance; it’s excellent to take a action earlier, have actually a tiny fun, and store the mind sharp at the very same time.

If you’re acquainted via Words with Friends, you’re supplied to head-to-head competitions, wbelow one player takes a revolve spelling a word through their provided letters, and then their adversary takes their revolve, and also so on till all letters are worn down (or there aren’t any type of feasible moves left to complete).

But, if’ you’ve ever found yourself craving somepoint faster-paced, or a game much much faster to complete, and also possibly among a team taking on a one more team, rather than one-on-one, then Lightning Round is for you.

What is Words with Friends’ 2 Lightning Round?

In Words via Friends 2, Lightning Round, teams of 5 complete to be the initially to reach 750 complete points.

As a player, it’s always your rotate, as you submit a word to a game board, and are then moved right alengthy to an additional, new, game board. You turn through this collection of multiple game boards, and as you area words, your teammates are doing so at the same time, and also everyone is building off of each other’s relocated.

So, once you make your ago to a board you’ve already played, you’ll have the ability to occupational from the words your teammates have played as well.

On an individual level, you are striving to capture the trifecta eextremely single game:


Total Points: Scoring the the majority of points for your teamTotal Words: Playing the the majority of words on your teamBest Word Score: Playing the finest (greatest scoring) word on your team

In terms of letters, rules, and also scoring, Lightning Round closely mirrors the classical Words via Friends setup, through double and triple letter bonuses, together with double and also triple word bonprovides. The best distinction in scoring stems from the Lightning Round suffer pitting players on a slightly smaller sized board. As a result, you’ll most likely discover it even more difficult to clear your titles through 7-letter plays, however guess what—you really don’t require them.

Which brings us to…

Lightning Round Tips & Tricks

The greatest thing a really tiny percentage of Lightning Round players realize is that, unprefer the timeless WWF game, you don’t really want to play the highest-scoring word available every turn. Yes, seriously.

It can sound stselection, but trust me, it’s the absolute finest piece of advice you’ll get.

1. Your initially move should be a four-letter word, a lot of of the time.

Most of the time, the goal of a played word have to be to capture a DW or TW score, or, to collection teammates/yourself up for a DW/TW score the following time about. This definitely holds true with your first relocate on a brand-new, clean game board.

Meaning, your first word need to always be a four-letter word that falls just short of the red DW square, yet one tht have the right to be pluralized or developed upon by you or someone else to in order capture that DW, or even two DW scores!

You deserve to watch through the instance here below..two plays, “loot” and “lock”—through both being four-letter words butting up DW squares. Thus, the following time the board comes around, you can add an “s” to either word to capture the DW score, and also then hopetotally lay down a five-letter word at the same time to hit on the other DW score.


Unfortunately though, much also regularly, you’ll see something choose the instance on the appropriate from your teammates, which frankly, is devastating. Moves prefer this kill any opportunity for what must be a routine 30+ score, and regularly times 50+ scores.

What must they have done instead? A couple of moves would have been much better:

Either play “shoe,” extending from the start square to best before the righthand also DW square.

Or, play “house,” however carry out so from the start square so the word hits the righthand also DW square, while additionally establishing up a later relocate to revolve it right into “houses” or “housed” for the TW score.

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Really, a large part of high-scoring in this game is swpermitting your pride and settling for a smaller sized scoring play to begin.

2. Play as rapid as humanly feasible.

While you have the deluxe – and also it’s to your advantage – in the classic game to take your time and also discover the ideal possible/highest scoring word, the opposite is true in Lightning Round. It’s a lot more of a balance, where you really have to play the ideal word you view available within 5 secs, in the majority of situations. (And to the suggest over, “best” in this situation doesn’t exactly expect highest scoring.)

This is the trusted procedure you have to be following:

Immediately scan the board as tiles are loading for accessible DW and also TW squares.Then, conveniently check your letters for an “s,” “z,” “q,” or “j.”If you have actually any type of of those letters, and/or there is a DW and also TW within play via those letters, that’s your move.If not, try and discover something for a 30-suggest rerotate, OR, collection yourself up for the next turn.

Aacquire, per that last bullet, my preeminence of thumb is if it’s less than 30 points, it’s better to collection yourself up for the next turn. Even if that indicates playing something for a measly 10 points. In doesn’t matter—you won’t sniff a 300+ suggest total by linking together a 15-tip here, and a couple of 20-pointers tright here.

3. Never swap your letters. It simply doesn’t add up.

Again, you desire to play quick. Swapping letters? Not rapid. Plus, I just can’t think of a factor why swapping would ever before be essential in the Lightning Round. Not all moves should be substantial scorers (nor must they be). Play a quick move that sets up a subsequent move rather of swapping. Almethods.

Never pass a move.

Update: Onihi actually suggests swapping and passing every one of the moment, since passing earlier to a board is faster than playing a word. So, the leskid right here is try what works for your style, and run with it!

4. Forgain 7-letter scores unless they autumn in your lap.

By this point, you probably watch where I’m going below. Spfinishing time to number out a word that exhausts your current tile lineup doesn’t pay off. (And again, you wouldn’t want to swap to item it together, either.) The majority of your plays will be four to five letters. If something drops in your lap, then of course, by all means. You aren’t actively avoiding 7-letter plays…you simply aren’t proactively pursuing them.

5. Be an excellent, smart teammate…to yourself.

Sadly, and ironically, like most team sports, the individual performance (or lack thereof) deserve to sink your high score ship. You saw the example above…there will certainly be moves from teammates that just don’t make sense or aid you or the rest of the team at all, and also really, you’re bound to make some of those exact same moves yourself if attempting to play as fast as possible.

So aget, because you rotate via game boards, regularly showing up ago at a board you and you alone last played (bereason you’re playing as fast as humanly possible), constantly be looking one action ahead by establishing up succeeding moves. Sure, your teammates could acquire to them initially and also reap the fruits of your labor, or they might not. Or, they might come across them and not have actually the letters to capitalize, enabling you to take benefit.

Proof of Concept

By following the over guidelines, I’d say I capture both the “full points” and “complete words” tiles for 80% of the games I play, and all three consisting of the “ideal word” eexceptionally currently and also aobtain. By following the above, its rare to not score at leastern 300.

Here is my highest possible scoring, 549-pointer!


Here is a current 474 allude game!


What’s it all for? Well, nopoint really. I most likely spend too a lot of my complimentary time playing, and also then when I’m not playing, I’m sitting right here creating about it.

It’s a lot choose being a sports fan. We root and also root and also root for our team, and also gain ticked off and also have days ruined when they lose—but for what? Our rooting has no influence on the game itself, and also our fandom isn’t rewarded at all if they come out victorious. It sure is silly, but it sure is inevitable, and just one of those points you’ll never before have the ability to define.

With WWF, it’s much of the same; tbelow is no prize at the finish of the day. Tright here isn’t also a means to track individual Lightning Round stats, unfortunately (somepoint that I think would really aid long-term buy-in for the majority of players).

Even in the lack of anything tangible, though, there is the thrill of fight, and also the enjoyment in learning you outperformed others. Competition junkies recognize what I’m talking about, and if you’ve taken time out of your day to study exactly how to score greater in Lightning Round, you’re part of the club even if you’re not yet willing to admit it.

All of that sassist, right here are some of my trophies. I’ll store adding as I reach new heights, and would love to hear about your wins and also tips all the exact same in the comments. Best of luck!