This inspiring book of wisdom, life lessons, and also self-aid from National Geographic celebprices the power of optimism: the driving force behind the authors" beloved, socially conscious clothes and also way of living brand also, now worth more than $100 million. Following the chronology of their personal and professional journeys, Bert and John share their distinctive ride-from their scrappy upbringing outside Boston to the unmost likely runamethod success of their service. The brothers illuminate ten vital "superpowers" available to us all: openness, courage, simplicity, humor, gratitude, fun, compassion, creative thinking, authenticity, and also love. Their story, portrayed through the company"s iconic artwork, mirrors exactly how to conquer obstacles and embrace opportunities-whether it"s flourishing stronger from rejection, letting your creativity loose, or simplifying your life to focus on what matters a lot of.  In these vivid pages, Bert and John"s plainspoken insights are paired with inspiring quotations, playful top-ten lists, deeply relocating letter from the Life is Good area, and also handy takeaways from tapping the power of optimism to live your best life. Both entertaining and prodiscovered, Life is Good: The Book is the ultimate guide to embracing and prospering the excellent in your life.

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In 1989, brothers Bert and John Jacobs designed their first T-shirts. They started selling their deindications in the streets of Boston and out of an old van at colleges and street fairs. Today, the firm provides more than 900 different items in 14 categories, and also commodities are offered in around 4,500 retail stores in the U.S., and also in 30 nations global.

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In their new book…the Jacobs brothers describe a rollicking entrepreneurial journey that started as a fun way to scrape out a living and progressed right into the expression of a simple viewpoint based on optimism. That philosophy—lhelp out in 10 “superpowers” that are the company’s core values—is instructive whether you want to be a far better perchild or develop a far better business.”—Inc.     “LIFE IS GOOD: The Publication is Bert and also John Jacobs’ vessel for sharing their viewpoint and providing handy self-aid to inspire and empower readers to take on the great stuff. “—Boston Magazine     “he book devotes a chapter to all 10 of the Life is Good “Superpowers,” which incorporate methods prefer gratitude, creativity, simplicity, love and also openness and how to use them to every day life. Not just that, however it likewise contains inspirational stories from letters that they’ve obtained over the years . . . the book isn’t simply around motivating journeys out of darkness and also right into the light, and also not every one of its content is fairly as hefty. In truth, many of it is intended to be light, via various top 10 lists like ‘Top Ten Comedy Movies,’ funny stories, and life tips and also wisdoms linked from cover to cover” —Frederick News Message   “ chronicles their route to success and offers tips for living your finest life.”—Imappropriate Bostonian

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