Lemonade War Book Review

Lemonade stands are a great method to make some money for a boy. And an excellent method to get away from your pesky bit sister for a few hrs. But whatever goes wrong as soon as she starts selling lemonade herself simply down the street. And is better than you.

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Siblings Evan and Jessie fight each other via a bet of that deserve to make the a lot of money marketing lemonade prior to college starts. Tensions rise and also shortly it is all out war, The Lemonade War.


The Lemonade War

Author: Jacqueline Davies

Age Range: 8 – 12

Grade Level: 3 – 7

Series: Lemonade War (book 1)

Paperback: 192 pages

Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook, audiobook


Tbelow are just 6 days left of summer. A heat wave is coming via and there is nothing to carry out. Evan is bored and also his bit sister simply desires to hang out with him. But he has actually been avoiding her for days. The assumed of his smarty pants sister moving up a grade and also being in the same course as him does not sit well in his stomach. He ultimately connects through an old frifinish and they decide to have actually a lemonade stand also together. But wouldn’t you understand it, his sister tries to tag along and also sign up with them.

When they refuse, Jessie decides to run her very own lemonade stand also. Who needs a large brother anyways? She meets up with a girl in his course and they open up their own stand dvery own the street. To Evan’s dismight, the girls are great. As quickly as they setup their stand, no one that came from that direction bought any kind of lemonade from the boys.

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Naturally, this leads to a large fight between the siblings. Evan is mad around his bit sister relocating up and also being in the exact same grade. And budding in on his collection of friends. Jessie is mad around him not including her in anything and also always treating her choose a baby. The lemonade stand becomes the symbol of their struggles. So to settle it, they make a bet. The initially perchild to earn one hundred dollars offering lemonade wins. And whoever wins gets to keep all of the earnings.

Evan and Jessie each collection off, working to beat the various other. They try marketing through various friends. The normal distractions of youngsters in the time of the summer get in the means. And they learn the hard method that offering lemonade is hard occupational.

Young readers will certainly love this fun, relatable book. It reminded me so a lot of the silly fights I have actually through my siblings once I was a son. And brought earlier flashes of the joys running lemonade stands. I specifically loved exactly how numerous events in the book were told from the different perspectives of Evan and also Jessie. It is fascinating to realize exactly how different civilization have the right to check out the very same event from entirely different points of check out.

I highly recommfinish this book for all young readers, specifically as soon as they are bored during the summer.