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Because 2016, the goal of Latino Book Rewatch has actually been to produce top quality content and make the occupational of Latinx authors visible. The consistent overlook by mainstream media outlets has actually been the fuel that continues to push us to strive for excellence—to create compelling, rigorous work-related at the highest level of any top social company in the USA and also worldwide.

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Counattempt of Publication & Year Established

United States
Establiburned in 2016

Publication Media & Frequency

EElectronic Publication Electronic PublicationUnwell-known publication frequency.
PPublish Publication Publish PublicationPublimelted 1 x per year.

Audience:Open to a vast Audience, including: Hispanics/Latinos.Styles:Open to all/the majority of Styles, including: Academic, Critical.Topics:Open to all/many Topics, including: Place/Regions (See guidelines), Society/Culture (Ethnicity/Race, See guidelines), Other (See guidelines).Types/Lengths:TypeLength Details
VReview ReviewUp to 250 words.
RBlog post ArticleNo particular word count boundaries known.
YEssay EssayNo specific word count borders known.

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Payscale:We list wide pay categories quite than payment specifics. Check via the publisher for details.
NNo monetary payment No financial payment.
OK No Unknown UnknownText format subobjectives
Almeans examine guidelines for details and also constraints. If you aren"t familiar through these terms, see our glossary.
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