Latex union of sets

Hi, I have actually what I hope is a really basic question related to unfamiliar notation. I am looking via a maths paper on a topic pertained to set theory which contains a symbol,


and also I would certainly favor to recognize just how, if at all, it differs from the typical


symbol in regards to its meaning. The conmessage leads me to think that it does not in fact differ at all however given that I do not even recognize the name of the symbol other than the latex id that I looked up, I can"t seem to confirm that suspicion. Cheers

edit: it appears that the latex renderer additionally does not know about this obscure symbol "cupplus" however "uplus" does occupational.

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edit2: thanks for all the replies! however, given that everyone commented fairly than providing a solution it appears I cannot give the coveted "answer" status to anyone. the disjoint union renders the a lot of feeling.

set-theory notation
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For the sake of offering an answer to tag as an answer:

Some authors usage this to denote a disjoint union of sets, i.e., "$A cup B$ for sets $A, B$ wbelow $A cap B = emptyset$."

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It might likewise represent that the union is a multi-collection (and also the both operands are probably multi-sets). Then the multiplicity of an element in the outcome is the amount of its multiplicities in the operands, that describes the existence of the + in the symbol.

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answered Dec 21 "18 at 17:21

Mordechai ShalomMordechai Shalom
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