I simply started to learn latex and now I"m trying to develop a table. This is my code:

egintablecaptionTop Scorersegintabular l l hline f Goals & f Players\ hline 4 & First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last\ 3 & First Last\ 2 & First Last\ 1 & First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last, First Last\ hlineendtabularendtableThe difficulty is that the table is broader than the web page. I was hoping that it would instantly fit to the web page choose normal text does, but it didn"t. How carry out I tell latex to make the table fit to the page?



Use pwidth column specifier: e.g. egintabular l p10cm will put column"s content right into 10cm-wide parbox, and also the text will certainly be effectively broken to several lines, favor in normal paragraph.

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You deserve to additionally usage tabular* atmosphere to specify width for the whole table.



You have to take whole columns under resizebox. This code functioned for me

egintablecaptionSample Table.labeltab1 esizeboxcolumnwidth!egintabularhlineURL & First Time Visit & Last Time Visit & URL Counts & Value\hline & 1521241972 & 1522351859 & 177 & 56640\http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ & 1518413861 & 1522075694 & 24 & 39312\ & 1516596003 & 1522352010 & 36 & 33264\ 1517215489 & 1522352266 & 37 & 27528\ & 1517229227 & 1521978502 & 24 & 14792\hlineendtabularendtable


You have the right to use these choices also, either use footnotedimension or iny. This would really aid in fitting huge tables.

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egintablefootnotesizecaptionIndevelopment on making the table size smalllabeltable:table1egintabularll opascendancy S.No & HMD \ midascendancy 1 & HTC Vive \ 2 & HTC Vive Pro \ ottomruleendtabularendtable
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