documentclass<12pt,a4paper>book enewcommandaselinestretch1.5 egindocumentincludeChapter1enddocumentI have actually please a question:

I would readjust the line spacing (1.5 --> 1.0) of a page inside the document and also not the whole document and also the size of the words, how have the right to I execute please?


You can use setstretch. If you desire to only influence a certain content you deserve to usage it via a team.

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You have the right to likewise use any type of dimension altering switches such as iny or iny inside the team also.


documentclass<12pt,a4paper>book usepackagexcolorusepackagelipsumusepackagesetspace enewcommandaselinestretch1.5 egindocumentlipsum<1>setstretch1.0colorbluelipsum<2>lipsum<3>enddocument



Alternatively, the adhering to solution is a bit cleaner:

documentclass<12pt,a4paper>book usepackagelipsumusepackagesetspaceegindocumentonehalfspacing % Set line spacing to 1.5lipsum<1>singlespacing % Recollection line spacing to 1 from here onlipsum<2>onehalfspacing % Recollection line spacing to 1.5 from here onlipsum<3>enddocumentFor various other values, you deserve to usage e.g. setstretch1.125 rather of singlespacing and also onehalfspacing.

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The advantage of this technique is that you do not need a closing statement, such as end or a curly bracket.


Other valuesOther line spacing values that lie in in between onefifty percent, single and double deserve to additionally be completed with:



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