Latex Side By Side Images

If I want to put 2 imperiods alongside each various other, what should I do? I have actually placed a number. But, rather than having the following number on a brand-new line, I desire it to be next to the already put number. How have the right to I execute that?



Actually tbelow are a variety of methods of achieving what you are asking for.

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Without Using Any Package

documentclassarticleusepackagegraphicxegindocumenteginfigure centering eginminipage0.4sibbap.orgtwidth includegraphicsflower1.jpg captionFreduced one. endminipage hfill eginminipage0.4sibbap.orgtwidth includegraphicsflower2.jpg captionFreduced 2. endminipageendfigureenddocument


Using Packages

You have the right to usage either subfig or subsubtitle.

Using subfig

documentclassarticleusepackagegraphicxusepackagesubfigegindocumenteginfigure centering subfloatincludegraphicsflower1.jpglabelfig:f1 hfill subfloatincludegraphicsflower2.jpglabelfig:f2 captionMy flowers.endfigureenddocument


Using subcaption

documentclassarticleusepackagegraphicxusepackagecaptionusepackagesubcaptionegindocumenteginfigure eginsubfigure0.4sibbap.orgtwidth includegraphicsflower1.jpg captionFlower one. labelfig:f1 endsubfigure hfill eginsubfigure0.4sibbap.orgtwidth includegraphicsflower2.jpg captionFreduced two. labelfig:f2 endsubfigure captionMy flowers.endfigureenddocument


Pros and also Cons of the Approaches

It is actually challenging to contact one technique premium over the various other. Which one you want to usage will certainly depfinish on the result you are expecting. So, check out the results presented over and also choose yourself.The initially one which provides the minipage setting is actually incredibly basic. But as you deserve to view the numbers are number individually. If desire to present a team of related figures, it may not be the one you are in search of.

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Additional Reading

In order to gain a better understanding of the placement and also width regulating problems, I strongly suggest the you go with the documentation of the over two packperiods (subfig and subcaption). These documentations contain some excellent hints and also examples.

Also, for comprehfinishing the remedies of associated problems, these inquiries (A, B, C, D, E, F) are worth taking a look at.