Latex Sans Serif Math

Fira Math is a sans-serif font with Unicode math assistance. This font is a fork of




On your system

Downpack from release. Unzip and also open the folder, then follow the instructions:

WindowsQuit related programs, e.g. Microsoft Word.Double-click the font file to open it in the Font Previewer.Click Install bottom to install.You deserve to also directly copy all the .otf font files into %WINDOWS%Fonts to install them.macOSDouble-click the font papers in Finder.It will certainly open up in the font previewer. Click Install Font. It will certainly open up in the Font Publication.Close the Font Publication. The fonts must currently be easily accessible.LinuxCopy the .otf font documents to your fonts brochure.Run sucarry out fc-cache.

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On the TeX distribution

If tbelow are no distinct factors, you should constantly install Fira Math using the package manager:

TeX Live: run tlmgr install firamathMiKTeX: run mpm --admin --install=firamath

Both distributions have GUI interencounters, you may enjoy them also.


Fira Math deserve to be supplied in LaTeX, ConTeXt and Microsoft Word after set up on your OS (or the TeX distribution).

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% Compiled with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeXdocumentclassarticleusepackageamsmathusepackageunicode-mathsetmathfontFira Mathegindocument< int_0^mathrmpi sin x , mathrmdx = 2>enddocument
You might attempt the firamath-otf package as well. - Thanks Herbert Voß!


% Compiled via ConTeXt MkIVdefinefontfamily % Require FiraGO fontsdefinefonthousehold setupbodyfont starttextstartformula int_0^mathrmpi sin x , mathrmdx = 2stopformulastoptext

Microsoft Word

Create a brand-new equation. Then select the little bit extra settings corner.In the food selection, readjust the Default font to Fira Math.In order for the transforms to take impact, you will certainly need to create a brand-new equation atmosphere (the present one will certainly not be changed).To readjust the font in existing equations, choose the equation text and also choose an OpenType math-permitted font (such as Fira Math).See

Building from source

To build Fira Math, you may

python -m pip install -U pippip install -r requirements.txtpatch $(python -c "import os, glyphsLib; print(os.path.join(glyphsLib.__path__<0>, "builder", ""))") scripts/ scripts/