Latex palm coated gloves

Polyurethane Palm Coated Work Gloves

Equip yourself with Wells Lamont polyurethane palm coated gloves once you require a better grip for more stability and control with a complicated application. Palm Coated gloves carry out extra protection in high wear/high-risk area of the hand also. You have the right to pick from several different kinds of glove and coating materials to assist you take care of particular, work-related hand also security issues.

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What form of Palm Coating is best for my application?

Wells Lamont offers numerous forms of palm coated gloves, including Latex, Nitrile, Sandy Nitrile, Polyurethane or PU, Full NBR Coated. Each coating gives you benefits for gripping or dealing with objects in both wet, dry or cold settings.

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Nitrile Palm Coated Work Gloves

Nitrile coated gloves are a fantastic alternative for chemical defense and oily applications. Choose nitrile occupational gloves once handling oily or wet parts for grip or slip resistance. Nitrile gloves also sell some protection from warm and cold temperatures. Nitrile coated work-related gloves are ideal for metal stamping, fabrication, warereal estate, maintenance, or dealing with oily parts.

Sandy Nitrile Palm Coated Work Gloves

Sandy Nitrile work gloves are a great choice for chemical protection and oily applications. Choose sandy Nitrile gloves once taking care of oily components for superior slip resistance via superior grip. Nitrile coated occupational gloves also sell defense from warm and also cold temperatures. Nitrile coated gloves are best for steel stamping, fabrication, warehousing, maintenance, or managing oily parts.

Polyurethane or PU Palm Coated Gloves

Often liked for industrial applications, Polyurethane or PU palm coats on general purpose or cut resistant gloves are an excellent alternative as soon as excellent grip and control are instrumental. Polyurethane or PU gloves are best for dry conditions and also offer exceptional resistance to grease and gasoline. Polyurethane or PU gloves are appropriate for assembly, light-duty occupational, paint or clean room applications.

Latex Palm Coated Gloves

Latex gloves have actually been a well-known alternative bereason they were the initially coated glove in the glove industry. Latex gloves, when used in cold locations, is a wonderful job-related glove option for versatility, decreasing the opportunity of hand tiredness. Often chosen for glass applications, latex coated commercial work-related gloves are a terrific choice as soon as remarkable grip and also puncture are important. If allergies to latex are a worry, choose nitrile or polyurethane gloves.

Full NBR and Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves

Full NBR and Sandy Dipped Nitrile Palm Coated gloves are double coated offering a great source for gripping and additional layers of security versus liquids in high wear/high-risk locations of the hand. The Y9290 functions cut-resistant for extra protection balanced through comfort and dexterity. If you need general defense take into consideration our popular Y9289 double-coated variation.

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What form of shell is best for my application?

Wells Lamont provides a number of different blends forms of shells, including Knit, Synthetic, High-Vis Cut Resistant, Poly/Cotton with Latex, Polyester, High-Vis Synthetic, Kevlar/Lycra and also HPPE. General defense through synthetics such as polyester or nylons or the poly/cotton blends safeguard the hand also. However before, if the atmosphere is exposed to greater hazards a cut resistance blend shell would be finest through an ANSI cut ratings of A2 or higher.

Knit Shell Gloves

The open up uncoated earlier circulates air, permitting hands to ‘breathe’ and keeping them cool and also comfortable. The Y9297W is a suitable glove in markets such as auto assembly, aviation, engine assembly, clean room, and also pharmaceutical.

Synthetic and High-Vis Synthetic Shell Gloves

The open up, uncoated synthetic earlier circulates air, permitting hands to ‘breathe’ and maintaining them cool and also comfortable. Select High-Vis gloves for included visibility and defense.

High-Vis Cut Resistant or Synthetic Shell Gloves

The Hi-Vis Cut Resistant shell offers reduced protection and also boosts visibility that ensures workers’ compliance. Consider the Vistec for reduced resistance or the Y9239 man-made shell for general function and defense.

Polyester and also Poly/Cotton with Latex Covering Gloves

The open up, Poly/Cotton or Polyester uncoated ago circulates air, permitting hands to ‘breathe’ while keeping them cool and also comfortable. The Y9243 have actually a polyester/cotton string knit shell via a blue latex palm coating.

Kevlar/Lycra Shell Gloves

HPPE Shell Gloves

HPPE Shell Gloves are made with high-performance polyethylene fibers for higher reduced protection. The coated glove shells are great for a selection of applications that require a high level of dexterity in addition to reduced defense. For included cut defense, select the Y9265 or Y9275 glove.