Latex paint remover from walls

I have actually a wall with (an extremely rubbery) latex paint topcoat over a painted surchallenge on drywall that it is only marginally adhering to. Trying to sand also or even rub on it clears it progressively and not very effectively. I"m afraid to paint over it, so I desire to rerelocate it. Is tright here any type of mild chemical or various other process that will certainly loosen it sufficient to rerelocate it, so we can patch, re-prime, and repaint over it?


If it"s not well adhered to the wall, the initially thing I"d try would be heat - gain a warmth gun (sorry, your wife"s hairdryer will not work) and also a scraper and also attempt that approach before resorting to any kind of chemicals.

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Latex Repaint reacts to Ammonia. If the surconfront below the latex paint is sound; ssuggest apply a light solution of ammonia and the paint will bubble up. Then scrape off the paint. You might need to re-use a few times to obtain all the paint off.


Used my Han heavy steam cleaner via the hose nozzle, paint ended up being soft and also rubbery, peeled off in sections.

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