Latex multi line comment

In, % deserve to be used for single-line comments. For multi-line comments, the following command also is obtainable in the verbatim package.

egincommentCommented codeendcommentBut is tbelow a simple command also favor /* code */ in C?

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Following the C code paradigm, wright here one deserve to use the preprocessor directives

#if 0junk code#endifsomething equivalent can be done in (and descendants):

iffalseI do not want this to happenfiThe commented parts deserve to be conveniently set off by replacing iffalse with iftrue.


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No, yet you have the right to define somepoint close:

documentclassarticleegindocumentlongdef/*#1*/AAA/* This is a test and also this is another*/BBBenddocument


A straightforward solution I use is

ewcommandcomment<1>Which just defines a command that does nothing via the input (properly commenting it out!)

Sample use:

commentThis line of message will not showThis one will not either
Here"s a negative man"s variation of the answer connected by Aditya over. It doesn"t call for Consibbap.orgt however it does need to be compiled with With it you can use C style comments: /*comment*/. A potential downside is that it "works" also in a verbatim setting. It functions in all cases I have the right to think of.

This input:


Gives this output:


documentclassarticleusepackageluacodeeginluacode*commenting = falseneighborhood gsub = string.gsublocal opencomm = "%/%*(.*)"regional closecomm = "(.-)%*%/"feature comment(s) if not commenting then s = gsub(s,opencomm, function(s1) commenting = true s1 = gsub(s1,closecomm,function(s2) commenting = false rerevolve "" finish,1) if commenting then rerotate "" else rerevolve comment(s1) finish finish ) else s = gsub(s,"(.+)", function(s3) s3 = gsub(s,closecomm,function(s4) commenting = false rerotate "" finish,1) if commenting then rerotate "%" else return comment(s3) finish end ) finish rerotate sendluasibbap.orgbase.add_to_callback("process_input_buffer", comment, "comment")endluacode*egindocument1 /*HIDDEN*/ 21 /*HIDDENHIDDEN*/ 21/*HIDDENHIDDENHIDDEN*/21 /*HIDDEN HIDDEN*/ 2 /*HIDDEN*/ 31 /*HIDDEN*/ 2 /*HIDDENHIDDEN*/ 3enddocument