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I want to left align a block of equations. The equations in the block itself are aligned, but that"s not associated at all to my question! I desire to left align the equations quite than have actually them focused all the time, bereason it looks dumb with narrow focused equations.

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Example, I want to left align this

eginalign* |vec a| &= sqrt3^2+1^2 = sqrt10 \ |vec b| &= sqrt1^2+23^2 = sqrt530 \ cos v &= frac26sqrt10 cdot sqrt530 \ v &= cos^-1 left(frac26sqrt10 cdot sqrt530 ight) \ v &= uuline69.08...degreeendalign* yet likewise this

eginalign* f(x) = -1.25x^2 + 1.5xendalign*How is this done? If it"s also feasible.


Try to use the fleqn record class alternative.

documentclassarticle(See also for a list of other options.)


You have the right to use eginflalign, choose the example bellow:

eginflalign &f(x) = -1.25x^2 + 1.5x&endflalign

Try this:

eginflalign* &|vec a| = sqrt3^2+1^2 = sqrt10 & \ &|vec b| = sqrt1^2+23^2 = sqrt530 &\ &cos v = frac26sqrt10 cdot sqrt530 &\ &v = cos^-1 left(frac26sqrt10 cdot sqrt530 ight) &\endflalign*The & sign sepaprices two columns, so an & at the beginning of a line means that the line starts through a blank column.

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The fleqn choice in the record class will certainly apply left aligning setting in all equations of the record. You can rather use eginflalign. This will align just the preferred equations.


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