Emerald City Organic Sleep Solutions, Inc. is an organic bedding boutique that has gone to the exact same location in Eugene considering that 2009. We specialize in organic latex mattresses, organic cotton sheets, wool bedding, solid-lumber bed frames and also fulots.

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We market cost-free distribution and also set-up within a 50 mile radius of our keep. We likewise have actually reasonable shipping prices.

Supporting the arts is additionally necessary to us, so we screen the occupational of five neighborhood artists in our save.

Healthy Sleep for the Whole Family



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We offer better sleep

Organic latex mattresses are the the majority of herbal mattresses available- no man-made materials, no chemical flame retardants no harmful off-gassing and they also stand up to dust-mites and various other allergens. Ours deserve to be completely customized for firmness on each side of the mattress.

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Wool toppers, mattress pads and comforters assist keep you dry and also comfortable and also night. Wool have the right to wick moisture amethod (evaporate it quickly) and also is likewise hypoallergenic. And dust mites can’t live in wool!

Organic cotton bedding is easier on Mother Earth. It is likewise complimentary of formaldehyde and also other chemical finishes. Choose from percale, sateen or flannel sheets. Or a beautiful double-stitched comforter.

Our bed frames and also various other bedroom furniture are made appropriate below in Eugene. Choose from cherry, maple, birch, beech or oak- all solid hardwood. Standard deindications. No partical board or MDF.

We recognize that an excellent night’s sleep is what we are offering. Due to the fact that while buying organic and organic bedding is important, it is only worthwhile if it helps you sleep better. We believe our mattresses and bedding provide you the the majority of comfortable and sound sleep you can acquire at any kind of price.