Latex maketitle no date

I"m utilizing the author and itle regulates to create a title with maketitle. I likewise know that tright here is a day command also to specify the date of my work. However, if I omit day, maketitle will develop the present day. How execute I achieve that no day is shown at all?

documentclassarticleauthorAuthor, A. itleAlphaegindocumentmaketitleSome message.enddocument


If you want a blank date, just use date.

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If you desire to rerelocate the spacing altogether where the date commonly goes, look into using the titling package, or else the mechanisms offered by your document course, depending on what it is.

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For a cheap and basic solution to removing the spacing without delving into the titling package that frabjous mentions, try:

documentclassarticleauthorMe itleFoodatevspace-5ex%date % Toggle commenting to testegindocumentmaketitleBarenddocument



frabjous’s answer) deserves a complete answer, because it does a nice project of removing the space connected via the date:

documentclassarticle% rerelocate spacing roughly date:usepackagetitlingpredatepostdateauthorAuthor, A. itleAlphadate % clear dateegindocumentmaketitleSome message.enddocument


Important: ordering matters as soon as utilizing date

In Overleaf, day omission just functions if date comes before maketitle. Minimal Working Example:

documentclassarticleegindocument itleSome titledatemaketitle%% date % omission fails if inserted after maketitle insteadenddocument
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