I"m making use of a theme that I can"t/shouldn"t modify. This design template pressures that eexceptionally time a new paragraph starts, there is an indentation added. In some rare situations this is simply looking really ugly and also that"s why I"d favor to prevent this indentation. Is there any method to do this without altering the template?



You deserve to avoid the paragraph indention for specific paragraphs with the oindent macro. If you want to disable it around the world you can usage setlengthparindent0pt. However, I would certainly not recommfinish altering it internationally in your instance, because that"s efficiently changes the theme, even if the actual file isn"t modified.

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The parskip package transforms off the indentation and also adds a little little of (stretchable) area in in between paragraphs. It might be an alternative if you do not mind the inter-paragraph spacing. Ssuggest include usepackageparskip to your preamble to use the package. Martin"s last sentence uses to this solution also, of course.



If you are working with a KOMA document class, I deserve to likewise recommend to usage the parskip=complete choice as it handles the spaces based upon your wish to rerelocate the paragraph indentation pretty well (adds vertical spacing between paragraphs, etc.).

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Example: documentclassscrreprt.

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