Latex foam contour pillow

Congratulations, side sleepers! It transforms out that the means you’re sleeping isn’t just helping to save your spine in alignment and also alleviating push on your ago and also airmethod, it’s actually scientifically prstove to be the healthiest sleeping style. You probably won’t snore favor a earlier sleeper, and also you won’t be most likely to twist your spine and also neck choose stomach sleepers tfinish to. But don’t celebprice too conveniently – without the proper pillow, you’re simply leaving yourself open to the very same injuries and problems that back and stomach sleepers execute.

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To gain the optimal side sleeping technique dvery own, opt for a premium pillow via a high loft, favor memory foam. But if you’re not a memory foam fan, or if you’re in search of a pillow constructed of herbal materials, you need to look no further than latex pillows. Latex pillows market both firmness and buoyancy while elevating your head. As a side sleeper, your shoulders lift your head and neck much from the mattress, specifically if you’re broad-shouldered, so you must fill that gap via a high lofted pillow. Stomach sleepers and earlier sleepers, don’t hit that ago button yet. The right latex pillow have the right to actually be a decent alternative for you, also. After all, aren’t we all simply searching for devices to help us sleep better?

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Best adjustable pillow: PureTree Organic Natural Shredded Latex Foam PillowBest pillow for hybrid sleepers: Pacific Coast Restful Nights Latex Foam Pillow

Best budobtain pillow: Simmons Beautyrest Latex Foam Pillow


This peculiar-looking pillow is crafted of 100% Talalay latex and is stellar for side sleepers that require high loft however that still like to sink into their pillow a small little bit. Latex is typically exceptionally firm, so this is an excellent alternative if you have desires of resting on a cloud yet get waking headaches from pillows made from softer materials like down.

Features: Comes via a 250 threadcount sateen zipper coverSize and Price: Queen — $55

Best adjusecure pillow: PureTree Organic Natural Shredded Latex Foam Pillow


Stomach and ago sleepers, stop scrolling. If you love the springiness and support that latex uses, plus the reality that latex is a herbal material, examine out this shredded latex pillow by PureTree. While some sleepers could choose molded latex because shredded latex could feel lumpy, this pillow provides somepoint no 100% molded latex pillow can: it’s adjusteady. The shell was designed to unzip, so if you’re a stomach sleeper in require of an ultra-flat pillow, or if you’re a hybrid sleeper who has actually no preference over earlier, side, or stomach, you have the right to rerelocate or add more shredded latex to this pillow at will.

Features: Loft – 2.5 inches. Ideal for sleepers who choose to relocate to their earlier or stomachSize and also Price: Queen – $60

Best pillow for hybrid sleepers: Pacific Coast Restful Nights Latex Foam Pillow


Another great choice for stomach and also ago sleepers, Pacific Coast has developed a molded latex pillow that suits everyone. Stomach sleepers who want a latex option however don’t like shredded latex, here’s your best bet. Because it’s hole-punched, stomach sleepers require not concern around gaining as well hot at night, either; even if you’re lying challenge dvery own on this molded latex pillow, you’ll feel air circulation and comfort.

Ideal for sleepers who have actually no earlier, side, or stomach preference, but like the feel of molded latexSize and also Price: King – $78

Best contoured pillow: Purple Harmony Pillow


If you’re not right into memory foam yet still enjoy the contoured feeling of your head sinking into cushy comfort, attempt the Purple Harmony Pillow. This pillow’s inner core of hypoallergenic Talalay latex linked via the innovative proprietary Purple Grid Hex modern technology provides the perfect amount of support to the sleepy head. What’s more? Its ‘Cool to the Core’ thoturbulent aircirculation design and also moisture-wicking cover administer hot sleepers through cooling relief all night as well. Try it risk-cost-free for 100 nights.

Features: Machine washable. Available in 2 heights, each designed for various sleep positionsSize and also Price: Queen$160

Best high-end pillow: Custom Comfort Mattress Molded Latex Pillow


Custom Comfort Mattress has actually created a organic organic molded latex pillow. Back sleepers, cozy in — your partner won’t need to worry about you snoring because you’re resting on a pillow that’s also flat. This perforated, molded latex pillow is perfect for the sensitive sleeper. If shredded latex feels too lumpy or you just like the feel of an even, well-developed pillow, molded latex is the way to go. However, you don’t need to sacrifice the coolness that shredded latex uses, as Custom Comfort Mattress uses holes punched throughout the pillow to store you from overheating at night.

Features: Ideal for ago sleepers or those who sleep hotSize and also Price: King – $78

Best organic latex pillow: Avocaexecute Molded Organic Latex Pillow


If you need a tiny added neck assistance and also like a high-quality organic brand, look no further than Avocacarry out Green’s new Molded Organic Latex Pillow. Built around a charcoal-infsupplied latex facility, this pillow offers a firm contouring base while fighting excess moisture and also odor via just herbal, vegan, and certified organic components. It comes with a removable cover made of certified organic cotton too.

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Features: Great for ago and also side sleepersSize and also Price: Available in conventional, queen, and also king sizes – $100

Buy at Avocado Mattress

Best hotel quality: The Saatva Pillow


For a tiny hotel quality indulgence without the hefty price tag, examine out the Saatva Pillow. Compincreasing environmentally friendly and supportive herbal Talalay, this pillow integprices a shredded organic latex with 100% cotton and also a removable inner pillow. The latex core helps the pillow readjust to any kind of sleeping style. The Saatva Pillow is hypoallergenic and recommended by peak chiropractors and orthopedists.

Features: Mildew proof. Dust mite resistantSize and also Price: Queen -$145


Best zoned support: MALOUF Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow


The zoned assistance, premium technology, and also 100% cotton cover wstove into the MALOUF Z 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow provide best push relief combined through a naturally breathable surchallenge. Excellent for side sleepers or those that choose a nice, complete pillow via a loft of 4.5 – 5.75-inches. Available in High or Low Loft Firm and also High or Low Loft Plush, as well as Queen or King sizes, this pillow is made just via sustainable latex trees.

Features: Naturally mildew proof and also dust mite resistantSize and also Price: Queen – $100

Pros and cons of latex pillows

Latex pillows absolutely aren’t for everyone. For the the majority of part, they’re too high and also firm for stomach sleepers, who typically want the cloud-favor yet flat endure of dvery own pillows. On the other hand also, earlier sleepers require just enough assistance to prevent snoring however the softness so they’re not in a head-forward posture all night. Of course, there are exceptions prefer via any type of pillow product, however hefty, broad-shouldered, and firmness-loving side sleepers have the right to expect to feel comfortable sleeping on a latex pillow. Here are some of the things you have to take into consideration prior to buying one.

Pros of latex pillows

Due to the fact that of the great support they offer, latex pillows can minimize neck and also back pain and stiffness. Goodbye, morning headaches.Latex is made via all-organic rubber – typically. Talalay latex is what you must look out for if high top quality and organic latex is important to you.Because latex offers you the experience of sleeping “on” your pillow, fairly than “in” it like down pillows, it sleeps cooler than down.Latex is naturally mildew-proof and dust-mite resistant.It’s normally supportive and also retains its shape well, so your head won’t create a valley in your pillow.

Cons of latex pillows

Latex is super firm. This is a pro for side sleepers, but stomach sleepers more than likely want something softer that they have the right to sink in to. However before, stomach sleepers deserve to still discover a swath of excellent pillows designed just for them.Your latex pillow will more than likely smell a tiny (or a lot, relying on just how it was made) fresh out of the box. The smell isn’t harmful, however it will certainly most likely be annoying to sleep on. Let it air out a few days prior to you take it to bed.Latex is an interesting and versatile product, but if you’re not used to it, you may need an adjustment period. Give it time if you hate it at first; as soon as you adjust, you might simply find yourself waking up pain-complimentary for the initially time.It’s widespread to be allergic to latex. If you notification a rash or your skin is irritated after testing out your brand-new pillow, ditch the latex.

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