This error shows up when you have written something inside a count, dimension or skip entry which isn"t a number. If you execute this, you will generate the error message below:

major.tex, line 5

Missing number, treated as zero.

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l tl.8 vspacethis have to be a number A number should have actually been here; I put `0".(If you can"t figure out why I necessary to watch a number,look up `weird error" in the index to The TeXbook.)

Common Causes

Foracquiring to encompass a number wbelow a number is required:

The most standard means this error deserve to be generated is if you have actually foracquired to incorporate a number in a command where a number is required. An example of this is displayed listed below.

Here the vspace... command also expects a number as its debate, informing it exactly how a lot vertical room to leave between the text. As there is no number present, an error appears. The correct means to compose this


Tbelow are many type of regulates like vspace... which need numbers as their debate. The the majority of prevalent of these are

Spacing commands such as:vspace...

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vspace*...hspace...hspace*...Scaling regulates, such as includegraphicsimage. This will scale your picture to be 0.7 times its actual size. The various other choices easily accessible here which need numbers are:widthheightpageresolutiontrimangle.The linebreak command also, wright here the discussion states exactly how many type of lines you desire to be skipped.Counters commands such:addtocountermycounternumbersetcountermycounternumberLength establishing commands such as setlenghtlengthnamenumber. This will adjust the value of a certain length such as extwidth to the worth number (e.g. setlength extwidth1in).Table choice regulates such as multicolumnnumbercTable entry.

Having a linebreak \ complied with by square brackets:

If a linebreak command also \ is ever before followed by square brackets <...>, it will be taken as an optional dispute, and also therefore a number will certainly be supposed inside the square brackets. This is also true if tright here is whitespace and newlines in between the \ and also <...> regulates. This difficulty frequently appears in tables, as shown below: