Latex crib mattress topper

Our latex toppers sell premium back assistance & pressure point relief when compared to memory foam toppers. An as a whole much better alternative for an extra comfortable mattress that conforms to a persons distinct body shape, caresses the spine, and also gives just the best amount of neck assistance.

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You will be spending brand-new heavenly nights on a normally made pure latex topper. It is cost-free from chemical additives and also is made from botanical, all-organic components without toxic chemicals or synthetic petroleum-based fillers. No fresheners, softeners, stain guards or odor camouflage offered in the production procedure for a truly organic resting setting.




The sturdy nature of this mattress topper won’t flatten or bunch up offering you a superior topper. Latex toppers can be used without covers but we understand also that toppers can burned or suffer from normal wear and also tear. This is why we administer you the choice to purchase toppers with covers to increase the longevity of your purchase. With our latex mattress topper you will be able to go via a few beds and also still keep the same comfort your familiar with! Protect your latex mattress topper and acquire extra time to enjoy your high quality of sleep!

A word from our founder

After years of researching the conventional process of production textiles, our firm came to be appalled with the huge dameras the commercial strategy it brought about on the health of their customers and the setting, and therefore, vouched to start a movement to reverse this trend.

Since then, we’ve proactively arisen eco-friendly products and also inevitably caused the development of certified organic products. At existing, the organic activity has actually removed a number of million pounds of pesticides and also various other toxic chemicals from the textile manufacturing process which has subsequently spared millions of global textile workers from the associated severe health and wellness hazards. The avoidance of toxic substances from getting to water and also air eco-devices have actually safeguarded many neighborhoods approximately the people.

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We ask that you join us on this journey.

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Our 2" thick Dunlop Natural Latex Topper is free from polyurethanes, phthalates, man-made foams and various other harmful chemicals. The buoyant and also responsive herbal latex product supplies correct support without sacrificing plushness. You can remainder easy at night knowing your child is sleeping safe and also soundly. For more, visit our blog Natural Latex over Memory Foam.
Breathable material thanks to air bubbles and Pin-Core designNaturally hypoallergenic, resistant to mold and also dust mitesNo toxic chemical off-gassing or dangerous flame retardantsFree of man-made fillersSized for babies and toddlersAvailable in your choice of Organic Cotton, Wool, or Bamboo covering We accept custom dimension specifications for baby commodities via a $20-$50 additional Made in USA labor cost. Please email us at customerservice to place a custom order.
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Customer Service “... many kind of companies sacrifice the health and wellness, safety and wellness of their employees just to get down to the bottom line. We have actually high requirements that create high top quality commodities and I’m proud functioning below.”– Grace, Customer Service & Sales

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