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Baby Bottle Teats: What's the Difference Between Latex & Silicone?

Posted by Vanessa Layton on first Jan 2019

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, functioning outwhich bottle teats work-related finest for your baby have the right to make feeding time less sibbap.orgplicated foreveryone.

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When it sibbap.orges to baby bottle nipple types, you’ve gained achoice of 2 materials: latex and also silicone.


Latex Teats

Latex baby bottle teats are made from natural rubber latex.It sibbap.orges the sap of the hevea brasiliensis tree, making it a great alternative forpaleas who try to select organic assets wbelow possible. Latexteats are elastic, durable and also tear resistant. These bottle nipples are durableand feel soft in the mouth, which some babies prefer. Latex also retainsscents, and this have the right to be very sibbap.orgforting to babies.

Although latex is very long lasting and resilient, it deserve to breakdvery own easily once exposed to fats and direct sunlight. It’s a great principle to storelatex teats in a cool, dark location. Latex bottle nipples have the right to have a strongrubbery smell when they are supplied for the first time. To rerelocate the smell beforethe first use, simply boil it in milk for 5 minutes.

Almeans inspect the teat thoaround before each use for anysign of damage, and also rearea it instantly if you spot any type of. It"s also a goodidea to rearea them when they sibbap.orge to be sticky, as this is a authorize that the latexin the teat is beginning to break dvery own.

A little portion of the populace has a latex allergy.Reputable brands use latex that is processed to rerelocate the allergens, yet ifthere is a latex allergy in your household, it might be worth avoiding latex foryour baby.

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Silicone Teats

Silicone is a artificial product. It is a clear, sturdy substancethat doesn"t age as easily as latex. It doesn’t retain flavours choose latex, andit’s tasteless. A silicone teat is likewise slightly harder in the mouth.

However before, silicone have the right to also be damaged if babies bite at itthrough their sharp bit teeth. Similar to latex, it"s essential to examine the teatbefore each usage, and also relocation it immediately if any kind of damages is apparent.

When to Change Baby Bottle Teats

It"s resibbap.orgmfinished that you relocation the baby bottle teat every6 to 8 weeks, regardless of the material that the teat is made of.

Choosing teats for baby bottles doesn’t have to besibbap.orgplex. You may discover that your baby prefers one kind of teat over thevarious other. If you are having actually difficulties gaining your baby to take one type of teat,it might be worth trying one more to watch whether it’s the material that your babydoesn’t prefer.

Baby Bottle Teats Sizes

It’s likewise worth paying attention to the bottle teat sizes.Slow flow teats, or newborn teats, can be better for younger babies that aren’tabsorbing a lot of milk yet. As baby gets older and they can drink even more milk ata feeding, you deserve to think around relocating approximately a medium or fast circulation teat.