Large curly braces latex

How have the right to I compose an equation through one curly brace ({), and also on the right-hand also side beside the curly, two statements in two different lines?



You can attempt the cases env in amsmath.

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documentclassarticleusepackageamsmathegindocumenteginequation f(x)=egincases 1, & ext{if $x




That have the right to be attain in ordinary LaTeX without any kind of certain package.

documentclassarticleegindocumentThis is your only binary choiceseginmath left{ eginarrayl 0\ 1 endarray ideal.endmathenddocumentThis code produces something which looks what you appears to require.


The very same example as in the
Tombart deserve to be acquired via comparable code.

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documentclassarticleegindocumenteginmath f(x)=left{ eginarrayll 1, & mbox{if $xThis code produces extremely similar results.



MLT, tright here is an alternative to the standard cases environment, not also innovative really, through both lines numbered. This code:

documentclassarticleusepackageamsmathusepackagecasesegindocumenteginnumcasesf(x)= 1, & if $xproduces


Notice that right here, math should be derestricted by (...) or $...$, at least on the ideal of & in each line (reference).

Are you looking for

egincases math textendcasesIt wasn"t exceptionally clear from the description. But may be this is what you are in search of

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