Krylon h2o latex spray paint where to buy

Has anyone had actually any type of luck finding this paint? It was recommended by Joe in his tree making chapter from his video series. It seems like it's been discontinued.

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If that's the instance, does anybody know of a similaralternative? That is,a water-based spray paint either latex or acrylic.




Found I could acquire some from Amazon at 41 per can..didn't bother researching the shade alternative. I did see that SherwinWilliams has a 10 dollar variation of latex referred to as Eco- guard however just discovered A light green.


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It looks like Liquitex has water-based spray paint in a can and also you can gain it from Prick Blick for $7-something a have the right to. Unfortuately, it's not available outside North America.


Some good greens look to be (from darkest to lightest):

Hookers Eco-friendly HueSap GreenChromium Oxide GreenVivid Lime Green

Other advantageous colors are:

Unbleached Titanium (off white)Yellow Medium AzoYellow OxideNeutral Gray 5Raw Sienna 5Raw UmberCarbon Black

It's these kind of changes that are motivating me to execute an update to the series one of these days. Several of the series, especially the DCC chapter, are gaining exceptionally long in the tooth (read: ancient).

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There's additionally Montana Gold ...

There's additionally Montana Gold acrylic spray paint at Penis Blick, for simply a tiny little bit even more than the Liquitex ... and also they don't seem to have actually the North America only restriction.

Some excellent greens in this line (from dark to light):

Jungle GreenShock Environment-friendly DarkShock GreenShock Environment-friendly light

Other valuable colors:

Shock White CreamShock Yellow LightEaster YellowIron CurtainTerraElmCoke

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Multiple Sources

Have you tried your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store (not Sherhardwood as posted above)in the majority of retail industries in the US and Canada? If not on the shelf, ask the keep manager to order it for you. Also have actually checked out it at the Wallymart, Hobby Lobby and Michael's right here in NE Ohio.

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Thank you for all the info.

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Ken-- it's stvariety that you're able to uncover it. I haven't checked at Sherwin Williams yet I'm going to perform that. I have actually checked at all the massive box (and not so significant box) home stores and none had it. One told me they couldn't gain it however made it sound favor theirstoredidn't stock it. But I don't also view it on their website anyeven more.

Joe--many thanks for the Prick Blick angle. Hadn't thought about that. Other than the environmental and also clean-up benefits, is tright here any kind of other benefit? Does it look any type of better or is it much easier to occupational with? The higher expense and also the difficulty in gaining it is beginning to tip the range versus trying it.

Less toxic

Acrylic spray paints are less toxic.

In my case, that matters. I"ve had actually wellness concerns with toxic chemicals, and also paying even more to defend my health and wellness can be worth it.

With smelly solvent paints you either should usage a well ventilated paint booth via a respirator or spray the paints outside wright here there"s plenty of fresh air.

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Acrylic spray?

Can one just put a big tip in their airbrush and usage bottled acrylic paint? Seems prefer thecontrol would certainly be much better.....DaveB


Not the method I develop trees

Can one just put a large guideline in their airbrush and also use bottled acrylic paint? Seems prefer the control would be better.....DaveB

Not the method I develop trees ... I"d need a dozen airbrushes all going at as soon as to perform it. I move between rattle cans as rapid as you can go. Takes me about 5 min to execute a set of trees and also there's possibly a half dozen rattle cans of different paint colors involved. And for any kind of offered session of making trees, I'll more than likely use a good dozen different colors all told.

Control isn't an concern ... you just desire to gain a lot of shade on fast. Paint "blobs" just include to the tree foliage texture!

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Liquitex acrylic spray paints

Liquitex acrylic spray paints are available external of the US. In Sweden we have actually them in both artist stores and also in some bigger stores.

Michael Graff, cultural heritage advisor for the Church of Sweden.

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Krylon H2O Laytex

Don't understand much about color selection as I just yet the flat black as it makes a wonderful tire on the models I build..but I buy mine at Walmart...

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