The Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book Volume II is finally back in stock! It initially showed up on the scene last loss, but marketed out extremely easily due its remarkable value. For $65, it contains 4 full-sized pans of the brand’s renowned sculpting and also highlighting assets and 4 eyeshadow colours. To put the price right into perspective, a solitary pan of their Celestial Powder highlighter is currently $44 and Sephora’s approximated value of this palette is $226.

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For what you get, I think this palette would certainly have been a steal from also a mid-end brand…however Kevyn Aucoin? All I need to say is RUN DON’T WALK. When I bought this last year, it took me checking a couple of different Sephora stores to discover mine and as soon as I did it was the last one left on the shelf. I wouldn’t wish that sort of anxiety on anybody.



The “book” opens as much as instructions and diagrams on how to use the assets it contains. There is some shockingly poor advice below (for the love of God, perform NOT use a shimmery highlight on the centre of your forehead or limit your eyebrow colour options to blonde/burgundy) however the real contents of the book are what matters…


Beorganize the beautiful, complete size pans of The Creamy Glow Sculpting Cream, The Creamy Glow Candlelight Cream, The Sculpting Powder in Medium (powder contour) and The Celestial Powder in Candlelight (powder highlighter), though their names are abbreviated in the labels on this packaging. The four eyeshadow shades are Brighten (pearly white), Starlight (light shimmering pink), Cool Tan (light brown), Ruddy Earth (dark red-brown).


The just way this palette might be even more perfect would be if it had actually had a blush (choose the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette) and also a cool dark brvery own eyeshadow that can actually have doubled as a brow powder substitute. Volume III developers, I’m looking at you.

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In any type of situation, onwards to the swatches:


As you have the right to see, Sculpting Cream is slightly warmer than Sculpting Powder. They aren’t noticeably various on my face, only in hefty swatches. Candlelight Cream is even more sheer, less reflective and also slightly less gold than Candlelight Powder. The creams sheer out nicely and the powders are finely-milled and blendable, so you deserve to attain subtle outcomes via either set…or layer them for a more dramatic look.

My skin is oily so my choice is typically for the powder products (I’ve reviewed Candlelight Powder right here, as component of my Highlighter Chronicles) yet I did gain great use out of the creams in cooler weather and also have the right to honestly say they are truly forproviding, foolproof and all-around fabulous.


The eyeshadows are all very smooth, pigmented and apply/blfinish exceptionally evenly. I’m so taken by the top quality of the mattes that I frequently uncover myself using them without the shimmer shades at all. Speaking of which, you could recognise Starlight from The Celestial Powder variety – this eyeshadow and the highlighter from their major line are indeed one and also the exact same, which renders this palette also even more compelling to a highlighter junkie favor me. FYI, this is a really heavy finger swatch of Starlight; it sheers out and also looks significantly less pink when applied with a fan brush as a highlighter.

Brighten deserve to likewise be provided as a highlighter, though it would occupational best on fair skin in that capacity as it’s rather a stark white. Candlelight Powder is still my favourite though!

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