Kaplan dental hygiene board review book

Comprehensive INBDE and also NBDE exam prep for students, and also performance reports for establishments.

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When you partner via Kaplan Medical, we’ll administer you and also your students through devices that result in boosted test scores. Our content is occurred by dentists, medical educators, and education science experts. We market professionally-staffed services for implementation, training, and also assistance and access to actionable diagnostics consisting of performance reporting and information to help you recognize and deal with student demands.


We’re all set to assistance you and also your students as you shift to the brand-new included exam.

Interactive Learning - Leverages technology, finding out scientific research and formative assessment tools to foster continuous, iterative and interenergetic discovering.Foundation Building - Reinforces principles taught along the dental student journey, structure a solid foundation for clinical excellence.Clinical Case Comprehension - Presents clinical situations via a considerable collection of questions to boost clinical integration abilities and also encertain recall of fundamental scientific research structures.Basic Science Understanding - Utilizes text, animation, and assessment to develop a depth of basic scientific research understanding that have the right to be scaffolded throughout the D1 and D2 years.
Comprehensive INBDE ResourcesStudent QBank - Over 700 (and also growing) multiple-alternative questions arisen complying with JCNDE guidelines, featuring a brand-new and intuitive reporting suite for faculty to meacertain student development and performance. Students deserve to likewise check out and also interact through 3D BioDigital imperiods and animations consisting of both the fundamental biomedical and also dental scientific researches.Secure, Simulated Exam - Realistic exercise test aligned through JCNDE Foundational Knowledge and Clinical Content areas.Digital Lecture Notes - Engaging content evaluation designed to optimize your students’ preparedness for INBDE, through tasks that deserve to be assigned to students as they cover product in course.

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Developed by our professional dental faculty, Kaplan’s NBDE programs prepare students for Part II.

Qfinancial institution - Students deserve to access 1,800+ Part II concerns via thorough explanations from their laptops, taballows, and phones.Part II Lecture Notes - Publication consists of clinical dental scientific research topics, 10 dental case researches complete through radiographs and dental Charting, and also a Case Strategy Guide.Diagnostic Exam - Both you and also your students will certainly have actually a better knowledge of their proficiency in a range of topics after they take the Diagnostic exam.
Service and also Curriculum Support

We sell exclusive support for our institutional partners that enables us to prioritize your needs and also respond to worries in a timely manner.

Implementation & Training - You’ll be assigned a team of specialists that will aid you understand your Kasetup resources, train your faculty to use them and also answer your concerns along the way.Support - Faculty and students will receive assistance from your assigned team.

Flexible Pricing Packages

Kaplan’s exercise inquiries, assessments, concentrated evaluation content, and institutional level reporting are obtainable in a selection of packperiods to best accomplish the requirements of your faculty and students.

Enter your details below the neighborhood regime direct in your area will certainly set you up with a demo account to view sample content and also reports.


Kasetup is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immiapprove alien students. Find Out even more.

Kasetup centers are authorized under Federal legislation to enroll non-immiapprove alien students. Your Designated School Official (DSO) will advise you about necessary policies pertained to your F-1 Visa standing.