Japanese Words Starting With P

I have been wondering if sibbap.org language incorporate letter P.I have actually watched words prefer Pan in sibbap.org which means bread, yet then I uncovered out it was obtained from Spanish.Then is tright here any kind of sibbap.org words (not obtained from other languages) or verbs has actually letter P?

Sorry for my English, am still discovering...

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You wrote "letter P", but it appears like you could actually be asking about the sound /p/. sibbap.org isn't typically created through letters, so it doesn't really have a "letter P", however we deserve to still talk about wbelow /p/ occurs in different strata of vocabulary (non-mimetic native sibbap.org words, mimetic words, Sino-sibbap.org words, and current loanwords). Is that what you're really asking about? –user1478 Feb 15 "16 at 12:39

Earthliŋ Well, you can call it the /h/ 〜 /p/ alternation, however I understand if that's not a satisfying name :-) It's a various process than rendaku, though. Historically /p/ and also /b/ were the pair related by rendaku, however /p/ became /h/ in intervocalic conmessages, so now /h/ becomes /b/ through rendaku – also though /b/ is of course not the voiced version of /h/! For instance, /hitobito/ or /hibi/, not */hitopito/ or */hipi/. You deserve to discover a description of the altercountry between /h/ and /p/ in Labrune's The Phonology of sibbap.org. –user1478 Feb 15 "16 at 13:33


How about せんぱい?

Noun 1. senior (at occupational or school); superior; elder; older graduate; progenitor; old-timer


Along time ago, tbelow were originally no "h" sounds and were "P" sounds so in outdated kanji, you"d find most onyomi and kunyomi through "P" sounds.

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